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Wow this doctor’s eyes are itchy…aren”t allergies the worst. Don”t do what I did, had to get that lawn done. #shouldhave takenthecontactsout
After coming back from a half a month in Nepal I was so tired and sick that I wasn”t sure I would go back. But now I”m ready to go again. The people are so needy with little chance to ever get their eyes checked.
The Nepali people’s culture is much different in the way they make decisions. Two examples: we had a flat tire (the second one) on our truck so we stopped at a tire place to get it fixed. They could fix the tire because that is what they do but they didn”t have a way to get the tire off the truck. It isn”t apparent to them that a tire store should have a jack or lift. Another one…the missionaries asked them to bring a generator because they were going to need portable power but the Nepali’s didn”t think to bring fuel. It’s not that they aren”t intelligent. It’s just that they only think about the small role that they have, not the big picture of what needs to be done. It’s part of their society, which is not near as collaborative and cooperative as ours. Here’s a scene from last night as a full moon rose over the mountains.
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Ziegler & Leffingwell Eye Care.
Great practice – great people. They give you a full review of the present state of your eyesight and what things can change in years to come. If you need glasses it is super fun to check out all the glasses they have in their eye wear showroom and test everything out.

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Chancellor of the Exchequer. Manhattan
one more candid shot from the F 015: thomas jäger (who I talk about in the story) driving it manually pic.twitter.com/WA4nEktBKb
the year is 1787. a bunch of old white men have just signed a document pic.twitter.com/WlrxedvsNt
What? Now wearables *don’t* cause cancer?? https://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/19/style/could-wearable-computers-be-as-harmful-as-cigarettes.html …

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