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(414) 352-9642


6874 N Santa Monica Blvd,
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Fox Point Shops

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Practice in our fully-equipped, spacious yoga studio. N Santa Monica Blvd.
North Santa Monica Boulevard.
I am new to yoga and everyone here is open and helping me learn. I love my hour there everyday.
6874 N Santa Monica Blvd Fox Point, WI 53217.
(414) 352-9642

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kaitlin winker
@ winkerwife
Yogaone Studio

icon smile(@ YogaOne Studio) http://4sq.com/17pXfsy

Jake Ströh
@ jseleven
Yogaone Studio
Had a great workout with Nancy. #
hotyoga (@ YogaOne Studio) http://4sq.com/Ly1Cr2

Kate Newman
@ Kate_Newman
Milwaukee, WI
Favorite yoga studio in Milwaukee and the owner is great with new members! (@ YogaOne Studio) http://4sq.com/HdecKH

Katie Flood
@ KatieFlood
Yogaone Studio
Im at YogaOne Studio (W61N397 Washington Ave, Cedarburg) http://4sq.com/yfjlUK

Sarah Flood
@ Floodliness
Yogaone Studio
Well that just kicked my ass (@ YogaOne Studio) http://4sq.com/jmH25S

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