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Port Edwards, WI 54469

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Mon – Fri. 5:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
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Sun. Closed

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SWC Gymnastics – Turners, Port Edwards. 165 likes | 7 were here. There’s no need to reach for the stars. They’re already within you. Just reach deep. .

Nationals – congratulations to our gymnasts who worked all year long for this event! Kaleigh Buck is our level 5 all around Nationals Champion, Avianna competed against some fierce gymnasts in level 3 and represented South Wood County, making us all very proud! Head Coach Beth Buck has made multiple personal sacrifices and successfully balanced coaching her own gymnast alongside managing the rest of the program. This amazing person is the heartbeat of our program, her passion and love for the kids is why our kids love this sport. What a great year!

Does anyone have a small exercise trampolines you are no longer using? Would you be willing to donate it? We could really use some at the gym. There are so many drills that we could do with the girls as well as the progressive program. We could use about three. — Coach Beth

There are no frog legs in our gym!

Our kids learn from a variety of coaches and methods. It may take 5 different coaches telling the athlete the same thing several different ways! It will click eventually and the kid will see success with resilience. Youth do not want to get the skill wrong! They try their hardest and they know they messed up. Most people, especially youth do not want us to remind them of the failure they already know about.

Turners – I think we can all appreciate how nice it is to walk into a gym and have a place for our kids to have fun and develop skills. Please consider donating to help rebuild this non profit gym which was destroyed by a tornado. They have 250 gymnasts that need a home.

State Gymnastics Championships 2015 Thank you to all the amazing gymnasts for an awesome season. We were honored to bring 29 Gymnasts that qualified for State. All of the coaches are so proud of you!!! Bring on 2016!!!!

Good luck to all SWC Gymnastics athletes this weekend in FonDuLac at the State meet! All of us coaches are so proud of you!

Tia will be at our gym tomorrow at 5:15pm to share her experience with our Turners before their competition this weekend.

Working hard at yesterday’s meet. Please post any pictures you may have.

Ignite the fire today . and if the flame shall dim, know your Turners are standing next to you with a match.

1 hour and I feel better.

Woke up today unable to move

Lost a whopping 2 pounds. holy cheesecake!!!

Getting in a little birthday workout.

Getting stronger/bigger/badder/ better than Cory Leigh

Gonna get this workout in I have set my sights on the 2014 belin run in Green Bay so I have to get working on getting into running shape.

Ran 1.47 miles on treadmill before the emergency shut off switch was accidentally hit and stopped me. Felt good to run but was actually disappointed that it stopped so suddenly.

Gym time — with April Johnson.

Gym time with my love — with April Johnson.

Monday Monday. oye.time to work out and feel better!.

still have pool water in my ears! worth it!

The neatest thing. Dryer for swim suits.never saw one before

Girls had 9 – ball League tonight. .Siga was kickin’ butt!! ‪#‎proud‬ Dad.

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stevens taekwondo image image image

Practicing Taekwondo is an excellent way to get in shape, learn self defense and have fun!
Stevens TKD is the only school in Central WI that can make your Olympic Dreams a Reality. Ages 7 and up.
211 Wisconsin River Dr Port Edwards, WI 54469.
(715) 887-3240

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James Carlton
@ jimmycarlton88
He just continues to win the NFL offseason. #
Badgers #
cuteJ.J. Watt learns the Nae Nae from YMCA kids https://www.foxsports.com/wisconsin/video?vid=492003395581…

YMCA Fox Cities
Thank you WFRV TV 5 for showing how our Neenah-Menasha Y Camp Tonkaweya kids are keeping cool. Check it out @: https://bit.ly/1JMPOic.

@ ReubZilla
Im at Tri-County YMCA in Menomonee Falls, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/cxuOcUIu3xG

Tammy R
@ tamsterstpaul
Im at White Bear Area YMCA in White Bear Lake, MN https://www.swarmapp.com/c/eJgMuENHatz

@ ResourcesUnite
Volunteer opportunity today!The Dubuque Community YMCA YWCA hosts an annual Lemonade Stand at the Dubuque… https://fb.me/3VLM6JnnA

Mike Brown, MS, CFRE
@ Mbrownymca
Register Now for the 2015 Live Event for the Intern Challenge…and see who is hired. The event is Free!… https://fb.me/77uR9kXvq

Mike Brown, MS, CFRE
@ Mbrownymca
I am honored and proud to introduce Zach, YMCA Student Intern, 19 years old, who allowed us to highlight his… https://fb.me/3ilv8NUql

Madison Mallards
@ MadisonMallards
Once youve been to the #
duckpond, the #
YMCA will never be the same…#
mallardsmoment pic.twitter.com/hmihRLepk2

WCCO – CBS Minnesota
A program started in the Twin Cities to teach water safety to kids is going national, @
susanelizabethL reports. | https://cbsloc.al/1LMyDSa

@ ahmedinthecut
St Paul, MN
Skyway ymca

Rockford Illinois
@ Rockford_IL
rockford_il Basketball Tournament in Memory of YMCA Worker: A basketball… https://dlvr.it/Bdt8pq https://www.rockfordlink.com #

Spencer Bonnie
@ spencerbonnieY
YMCA_Denver @
ymca @
experienceBELL Denver Power Scholars Academy graduation and Brilliance Bash! #
BeCauseY pic.twitter.com/sXcNaQN1oK

Sean Tehan
@ SeanTehanABC6
Talking with Kris Humphries at the Rochester YMCA @
jeannaradz @
ABC6NEWS pic.twitter.com/dfH4y1wXT3

Abdirahman arab
@ _arab9999
family the boss of the Blaisdell ymca love you bro stay up

Milwaukee YMCA
@ YMCA_Milwaukee
“I am here to serve.” Help us welcome our new CFO, Tina Schmitz! She’s ready to #
makeitcount for the Y & Milwaukee. pic.twitter.com/NuX7DGV6Yl

@ fondyhoops

Milwaukee YMCA
@ YMCA_Milwaukee
One of our @
SilverSneakers members achieved a personal goal: 1 mile walking w/ @
MayorofMKE! #
makeitcount #
walk100 pic.twitter.com/KBhPrMhruE

Lady B
@ LadyBarbossa
Its National Hot Dog Day! Come on out to the Washington Co. Fair, stop by the YMCA booth git yer haut dawg!
icon biggrin~Lady B

Well City Milwaukee
@ wellcitymke
Great day to walk 1 mile with @
MayorOfMKE @
YMCA_Milwaukee @
walnut_way @
cityofmilwaukee #
walk100 pic.twitter.com/gjRE3kUUMK

William Behun
@ wbehun
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Edwards YMCA @
CampEdwardsymca in East Troy, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/6CCNdnc5b1w

YMCA of Greater GR
RT @
kwintonroberts: A BIG THANK YOU @
wmwhitecaps for a great INCYB season & #
AllStarGame s/o to the boys & girls too! pic.twitter.com/zUfkuVMHEW

YMCA of Greater GR
Picture yourself splashing around in the family pool and relaxing in the hot tub. Mary Free Bed #
swim pic.twitter.com/RfuXYat4Vb

YMCA of Greater GR
We are proud to be part of this community initiative – to help kids and families eat well year-round. https://ow.ly/PZu3X #

YMCA of Greater GR
View translation
Lifeguard #
Childcare director #
swim instructor #
ymca https://ow.ly/PWhkK

YMCA of Greater GR
Find out what our campers are up to at #
YMCA Camp Mantiou-Lin! https://ow.ly/PU2tG

YMCA of Greater GR
WOW members! A huge thank you for all the referrals! #
FREEMonth for you and new member! https://ow.ly/PQXxv

YMCA of Greater GR
Friends. Keep. You. Motivated. Members, refer a friend: you and your friend BOTH get a FREE month of #
membership https://ow.ly/PQwCu

YMCA of Greater GR
Start the week out right with these pre & post workout snacks! https://ow.ly/PPD2x #
fitness #

YMCA of Greater GR
RT @
CityGrandRapids: Happy #
Friday @
DowntownGRInc @
wmwhitecaps @
ExperienceGR @
GrandRapidsPD @
grbj @
friendsGRparks @
West_Michigan @

YMCA of Greater GR
Teen Night this Saturday, July 18 at the Spartan Stores YMCA! 616.885.5500. Ages 10-14~7-10p #

YMCA of Greater GR
Introducing new @
LesMills #
BODYPUMP instructors. #
FITNESS pic.twitter.com/3RE90o19KP

@ grpl
Dont miss the @
GRYMCA Veggie Van at the Main Library today from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. – https://bit.ly/1eCjLcm

YMCA of Greater GR
Fall soccer leagues at the Y are a great way to introduce your kids to sports! Learn more about it in The #
Rapidian: https://therapidian.org/how-prepare-your-child-fall-soccer…

YMCA of Greater GR
Attention Y Members! Refer a friend to join by Aug. 31 & both you & your friend will get 1 free month of membership! https://www.grymca.org/download/MemberReferral.pdf…

YMCA of Greater GR
Get your fresh fruits and veggies this week at one of our Veggie Vans 40+ locations in #
GR and #
Muskegon! https://www.grymca.org/community-programs/community-based-programs/veggie-van/…

City of Grand Rapids
@ CityGrandRapids
Happy #
Friday GR! @
MichiganWest @
wmwhitecaps @
MDOT_West @
ExperienceGR @
TheRapid @
TheRightPlaceGR @
GrandRapidsPD @

YMCA of Greater GR
Interested in being a @
LESMILLS instructor at the Y? Contact us! tharmon@grymca.org. #
fitness #

YMCA of Greater GR
No Kidding! RT @
MichiganGonzo: Its never too early to start planning for the weekend! #
humpday https://www.mlive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/07/things_to_do_this_weekend_july.html…

YMCA of Greater GR
RT @
grpl: Dont miss the @
GRYMCA Veggie Van at the Main Library today from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. – https://bit.ly/1RMjlwB

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
Get a serving of veggies in the morning with this tropical green smoothie! #
TastyTuesday https://bit.ly/SimpleGreenSmoothie… pic.twitter.com/KCHxoeNgeK

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
YMCA Canada retweeted YMCAGTA

Boys and Girls Clubs
@ BGCyvr
Boys and Girls Clubs retweeted YMCA Canada

Archives of Ontario
@ ArchivesOntario
And theyre off! The #
TO2015 mens #
marathon is in progress! Heres the start of a @
YMCA_Canada race ca. 1915 pic.twitter.com/Bduvnjfha9

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
To become #
camp leaders, 14-17 year-olds attended a 2-week Leaders Corp program @
YMCAGP in Ontario #
FlashBackFriday pic.twitter.com/yVTtXtXGFL

@ Ivylew
Just an #
average day at St.MonicaYMCA! #
physicalliteracy @
HealthyCdns @
ChildCareYMCA @
YMCANorthernAB @
YMCA_Canada @ pic.twitter.com/4LW0uGbIQR

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
YMCA Canada retweeted YMCA Ham/Burl/Brant

Sophie Kiwala, MPP
@ SophieKiwala
2/2 #
TO2015 legacy venue – to be affordable housing, condos, @
YMCA_Canada + dorm for @
GBCollege students @
TO2015Saad pic.twitter.com/UVW033iV78

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
TeamCanada has picked up 160 medals so far at the #
PanAmGames, way to go! 5 days left, lets cheer them on #
TO2015 pic.twitter.com/3p1VpqeyOu

@ Ivylew
St. Monica YMCA vs. the #
mud at #
rundlepark!!! so #
fun #
mudfight @
YMCANorthernAB @
YMCA_Canada @
ChildCareYMCA pic.twitter.com/vpHfpFm2PS

Eric Woelfl
@ EricWoelfl
YMCA_Canada @
YMCANiagara @
angebarn Thanks for the shout out! The YMCA has been a great place for the Niagara community and I to grow from.

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
Eric Woelfl who once worked at the Walker Family Y, won a gold medal for rowing at the Pan Am Games, congratulations! pic.twitter.com/qFbkWLopBr

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
YMCA Canada retweeted Justin D

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
YMCA Canada retweeted Kelly GallagherJones

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
YMCA Canada retweeted Brittainy

YMCA Canada
@ YMCA_Canada
It is National Drowning Prevention Week. Check out @
LifeSavingONs tips for toddlers https://goo.gl/WuBIYN #
NDPW pic.twitter.com/LTC5r8b3Bt

Annual report from @
YMCA_Canada is worth reading! The impact of our federation has across the country is amazing https://bit.ly/1CHcDH1

Fitton Family Y
@ FittonFamilyY
Laughter boosts your immune system and decreases stress hormones. Have you laughed today?! #
YMCA pic.twitter.com/cMbQjk8VOs

YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka
AskMeY I choose the Y: I love working with the families and children. Everyday is a new day at the #
YMCA! – Mandy pic.twitter.com/knQATc6saw

Fondy Girls Bball
@ Fondybball
Tonights ymca league:Freshman at 5 pmJV at 7 pm

@ RJM_Ted
Breaking ground at the new Forest Lake YMCA! @
ForestLake_MN @
rjmconstruction pic.twitter.com/Lmpmw7CXld

Linc 182
@ scullness
Minneapolis, MN
Arguing on twitter about food (@ YMCA in Minneapolis, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/5EhDEg76ffB

Forest Lake Times
@ forestlaketimes
The official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Forest Lake YMCA was held today at 3 p.m. Are you excited for… https://fb.me/7rPz2Z7eg

Tiny Joe Nelson
@ JoeBringMN
Tiny Joe Nelson retweeted Andy Rennecke

WGIRLS Milwaukee
WGIRLS Milwaukee in conjunction with the YMCA of Metro Milwaukee is hosting a FREE leadership development series… https://fb.me/7yOJ5wHB5

@ jason_demoe
Minnesota, USA
Groundbreaking for the Forest Lake YMCA (@ Hardwood Creek Library in Forest Lake, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/7E1yEfwQssQ

PB Inner Circle
@ PBinnercircle
Buy 3 hours of personal training, get the fourth free at the YMCA! https://pbinnercircle.com/sponsor_detail.php?id=33…

Crystal Lake Library
@ CLPLToday
Sage YMCA of Metro Chicago Reads to the Rhythm. Many thanks to Sage YMCA of Metro Chicago as well as our more… https://fb.me/7ol12O5uv

Greg Washington
@ gregawashington
Wisconsin, USA
Im at YMCA – East Madison in Madison, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/hwgF8moT3cQ

Michelle Todd
@ MotherTodd
Minnesota, USA
Made it through Aqua Zumba! Still week but back in the game! (@ Rochester Area Family YMCA – @
rochfamy) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/9Uj6tzByLaz

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