Yellow Cab Co


(262) 657-7111

(262) 654-3511


5107 28th Ave,
Kenosha, WI 53140

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Cash Only

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Mon – Sun. Open 24 Hours

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Kenosha’s oldest, cheapest, and best cab company. Name’s Luke, well legally Lucas Allen Fettig but most everyone calls me Luke. I’m 29 years young till September 5th at which point I will obviously be 30!
I am the lead mechanic, head of maintenance, and somewhat of a general manager type person at Keno Cab Co. Kenosha’s oldest, cheapest, and best cab company.). Some people might say that I’m a bumb, or that I havn’t done anything useful with the first 30 years of my life but on the contrary- I am currently an ASE Certified Automotive Technician- Mechanic with brains for you simple folks.
I am both the lead and only mechanic at Keno Cab Co. I absolutely love tons of things besides working on vehicles like camping, hunting, fishing, boating, it’s a goal of mine to skydive but havn’t yet, oh and one of the most important things to know about me right off the BAT is that I am completely and childishly obsessed with Avenged Sevenfold!
Ha right off the BAT no pun intended.
I don’t think that I’ve met anyone in my life who didn’t like me or thought I was lame, with the the one or two guys who lost their women to me. Thats the honest to god truth!
Successfully joined the Army, completed basic training and A.I.T. Basically I rode in, drove, and fired self-propelled howitzers(tanks). Middle School 8th Grade only. Arrowhead Union High School. Skywalker, Puke, A**hole lol just kidding abou the last one.
5107 28th(…)

Also Known As

Keno Cab Co, Taxi Keno Cab Co

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