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209 Main St,
Woodstock, IL 60098

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Woodstock Theatre – Classic Cinemas, Woodstock, IL. 3,574 likes | 167 talking about this | 15,426 were here. Movie Theatre in Illinois.

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This is the best movie theater I’ve ever been to, and the employees are fantastic!

I remember this theater when it still was one big theater, had a balcony and use to show cartoons before the movie. Good days.

I was with my cousin Paula

Mom and i at the show, went to see Jersey Boys. Was ok, think mom liked it. Music was good .

We both just got carded for a R rated movie

Insidious Chapter 2. Omg!!! Scared unsure emoticon

One Direction 3D for these crazy ladies tonight!!

Nice theater. Clean!! Great staff. Very friendly, polite young people.

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woodstock theatre classic cinemas image image image

Woodstock Theatre: Classic Cinemas.
My family and I have being going here for years.
At first I was a little disappointed with the construction because I really loved the feel of buying you’re ticket outside with the bright lights and just the classic theme of it all. I do miss that but the renovations are amazing and the kids really love going.
Can’t wait to come back!
Good movies at great prices and free refills on pop and popcorn.any size :). Granted, I only got a penny and the movies were second runs, but it was still fun. Today, it simply cannot be beat for the price. The seats are comfy, popcorn is fresh and the kids were given extra popcorn when we were leaving.
The only issue we had was the construction to the building.
which is probably finished now. You cannot hear the dialogue at all. I’ve Been To This Theater A Couple Times Here. Great place for the family!
Theatre has a party room to celebrate your birthday at the movies.
Free refills on all sizes popcorn, soft drinks and Icees.

209 Main St Woodstock, IL 60098.
(815) 338-8555

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Kaylee Reese
@ reese_kaylee
AlisonWood24 woodstock theater

Sarah Jenks
@ SarahJenks10
Woodstock, IL
Im at Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for Fifty Shades of Grey in Woodstock, IL https://www.swarmapp.com/c/dJyYSX1jVwm

Nathan Mitre
@ nathanmitre
Woodstock, IL
Horrible Bosses 2 (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for Horrible Bosses 2 in Woodstock, IL) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/lc4Gthm2iZJ

Andrew McCoy
@ 3p1c0n3
Woodstock, IL
Watchin Capt America with the kids! (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for Captain America: The Winter Soldier) https://4sq.com/1lRO1yH

Andrea Mendoza
@ shiteecrap
Woodstock, IL
Jesus is hot in this son of god movie lollll #
sonofgod @ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater https://instagram.com/p/l3aZi7pS0y/

Amanda H.
@ ahedge088
Woodstock, IL
Finally!! (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) https://4sq.com/1k1HqEi

Kelsey Marland
@ fllofsh
Woodstock, IL
Just saw hobbit 2 fun but long maybe wait for DVD. (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater) https://4sq.com/JlN7vE

Barks & Ruffreation
@ JhuskyDuh
Woodstock, IL
With @
monsterrei!! (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater) https://4sq.com/19ozVRb

J. Leon
@ OVOxJason
Woodstock, IL
Movies wiff the bae @ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater https://instagram.com/p/hmPVz2ve9a/

@ danianne13_
Woodstock, IL
Im at Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Woodstock, IL) https://4sq.com/1fAYii4

@ debthompson
Woodstock, IL
Touring the area & had to stop for popcorn! (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater) [pic]: https://4sq.com/1795bj1

@ ElectroCar
Woodstock, IL
Im at Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for This Is The End (Woodstock, IL) w/ 3 others https://4sq.com/15W0x5S

Pat Cates
@ patcates
Woodstock, IL
BONER ALERT. (@ Classic Cinemas Woodstock Theater for Man of Steel) https://4sq.com/11zGOX7

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Classic Cinemas, CC Woodstock Theatre

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