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711 S Gammon Rd,
Madison, WI 53719

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I cannot stand reading negative reviews about Woodmans!
Brennan’s or Metcalfs why are you even bothering coming here? I shop where is cheap and a large selection of products.
Simple – compare the prices with other places – Woodmans is best. I don’t pay attention to crowds (they are not always polite, I admit, but it can happen everywhere), I don’t think it’s messy or dirty – they always clean if something happens, its a big store, just let someone know. I cannot complain for customer service either, but it can happen that you get a person who has a bad day. Thanks to Woodmans we have affordable food choices.
We shop here often, but because of the selection and prices, certainly not the atmosphere or layout or a pleasant shopping experience. You can’t beat the prices anywhere else, most of the time. That said, the produce is often spoiling or on the edge of spoiling, despite the very large volume they must go through. I don’t buy anything that doesn’t look or smell right there. In such a large place all I can guess is that some items slip by, but can occasionally contaminate other items.
Dry goods are great. Spices are cheapest in either the produce section (a whole wall of them is bagged there) or the ethnic foods section, which, by the way is two long aisles long.
There are also two large long aisles of organic and natural snacks, frozen foods, alternatives to ice cream, crackers, cereal, baking mixes, sou(…)

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