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Compassionate Care for Your Companion. We are in your neighborhood!


(715) 341-9664


2660 Forest Dr,
Plover, WI 54467

We are located in Plover: 1.25 miles west of Hwy. 39, just south of Business 51/Post Road. We are near Muckamoor Boarding Kennels.

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Woodhaven is a veterinary clinic that cares for dogs and cats in Plover, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Amherst and surrounding areas. We are a full service clinic, offering Examinations, Vaccinations, Medical Care, Surgery and Dental Health Care. We have a well stocked pharmacy and an in-house laboratory, as well as a x-ray unit. Our surgeries are performed with a CO2 Surgical Laser to allow for improved comfort and healing. We also offer Cold Laser Therapy, utilizing a Class IV Companion Therapy Laser as a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical means to provide relief from inflammation and improve healing and mobility. And when it is time to make the decision for euthanasia of a pet, we have a specialized grieving room that has a separate entrance and exit. At Woodhaven, our staff is committed to the care of the patients, as well as the ‘pet-parents’. We encourage you to visit our warm, friendly facility when deciding on the best possible care for your companion.

At Woodhaven, we are dedicated to the care of your beloved companion. Established in 1999 by Dr. Janet Riebe, Woodhaven relocated to the current location in Plover in 2000. We strive to provide comprehensive care for dogs and cats in need of medical services, surgery or dental health care. The staff members regularly attend continuing education seminars to keep up-to-date with advances in medications and therapies, always focusing on patient care. We encourage a cooperative effort between varying health care providers, including veterinary acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists and nutritionalists. We try to accommodate all budgets, offering various Wellness Plans and Healthy Pet Plans for pets of all ages. We believe that it is important to understand your pet’s health care needs, so we are always eager to answer any concerns or questions. Dr. Janet Riebe also answers pet-related questions each month in the Stevens Point Journal, as well as contributing articles to the newsletter for the local humane society. Stop in to see our warm and inviting facility.  We look forward to your visit!
Our comfortable reception area has a color television, wide choice of magazines and a refreshment center for both adults and kids.


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Open Hours

Mon – Fri. 8:00 Am – 5:30 Pm
Sat – Sun. Closed

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Woodhaven Animal Health, Plover, WI. 510 likes | 72 talking about this | 38 were here. Woodhaven Animal Health is a veterinary clinic that provides. .

Good luck trying to share a bed with these guys./Jamie

Jankah’s trying to figure out what’s happened to her favorite stream. .she’s not at all sure she likes this whole “drought” thing that’s going on!! Here’s hoping the predicted rain for Friday actually comes!/annie

After being separated for nearly a month, Monty was delighted to be reunited with his brother. So much so, he was willing to share his bed! Kitty is healing well from a break they believe was caused from a high jump. Sad, but he still looks cute!/Mary

We are lucky enough to live on 20 acres of wooded property, so our dogs enjoy being outside with us. Unfortunately, Logan gets SO excited when any vehicle pulls into our driveway and immediately needs to rush the vehicle. Ronnie star, ted to join him in the excitement. Obviously, this is a worrisome situation. We want to have the dogs out, but did not know how to make it safe for them. As such, a couple weeks ago I had Lynsie Bernier (the trainer from Ideal Dog, LLC) visit our. house to help me with my dogs. The plan is to teach each dog to associate the vehicle approaching our house with something “fun” that is no where near the vehicle. For Logan, he is learning that an approaching vehicle means that he gets to chase his ball along the side of the house. Ronnie will ultimately learn that if she goes and lays by the front door of the house, she will get treats. The photos are the initial training that we are doing to help her associate laying on the multicolored rug with a jackpot of treats. The Treat and Train is a remote control device that delivers treats when I hit the handheld controller. We are at the point that she will get a reward when she hears “Go Place”, lays down on the rug and rests her head. We star, ted indoors, but now we are practicing in various locations. Eventually, the rug will be placed by the front door once she reliably goes to lay on it. As we camp this weekend, I thought it would be a great time to train! / Dr Riebe

This video is hilarious!! Do any of your pets have any vocal talents like this? Amy

Humans really never give animals enough credit. /Jamie

Hekuba will be 16 this October. He’s doing exceptionally well for his age; eating well, plays often (especially after being shaved. he LOVES being ‘nekkid’), loves his supervised ‘outside time’. He had his routine exam last week with Wellness Bloodwork done. The results show he has hyperthyroidism and early kidney disease. Absolutely no symptoms, so, even though it’s not technically “good news”, it’s also SO incredibly manageable since it’s been found so early. He’ll have weekly fluids, which he’s excellent for. He’ll have daily medications, which he is so not good for! I’ve always said some cats are more challenging for medicating than others. .he’s one of the ‘challenging’ ones!/annie

While my sister was away vacationing in Africa, I had the pleasure of spending most of the month of July with her adorable beagle, Monty. He was a delight to get to know personally, and, I have a greater appreciation for the breed in general. They aren’t just for hunting. They make wonderful companions!/Mary

A few weeks ago, my dog Ronnie had pain and difficulty walking. A CT scan revealed multiple bulging discs in her back, with one of them presumably putting pressure on the spinal cord. Since then, she is doing well, but is on STRICT exercise restriction. She is star, ting to get a bit “stir crazy”, so we decided to visit the Canine Rehabilitation Center at Fox Valley Animal Referral Center yesterday. Ronnie had her first session in the underwater treadmill in an effort to provide safe activity while helping to strengthen her rear legs. It is great to know that we can utilize this equipment as she is slowly allowed to return to full activity. / Dr Riebe (note: this is not Ronnie in the photo, but gives an idea of the equipment)

I couldn’t stop laughing at this until I realized this person could be me. Amy

What a fun twist on traditional baby showers. Will I see you there? Amy

Make sure you exercise your pets before the heat hits this weekend. Early morning or evening walks are best for avoiding the heat. Remember the pavement gets very hot on their paws./ Jamie

No matter HOW many times, and in what variation, I see the photo of this kitten. I ALWAYS lol smile emoticon I’ve never seen this one before, and I just think it’s hilarious!/annie

Toby, Monty, and Annie make walking to get the mail interesting. They all want to be the leader!/Mary

Announcement: In the event of an emergency after hours, please be aware that Central Wisconsin Animal Emergency Clinic will be closed for the next three nights. If needed, please contact Fox Valley Animal Referral Center for after hours care. 920-993-9193.

Gage and I went to visit a friend this weekend and he got to hang out with his “little “buddy Cruise. He made Gage look so little! But he was a good host. Any one else having summer visitors? /lisa

No need to travel to Appleton for aqua therapy. There is a wonderful pool right here in Stevens Point at Pawsitively Unl. eashed 5208 Heffron Court. Many satisfied pups and their people. Just mentioning it in case you were not aware.

A wonerful haven. They were so kind when I had to take my good friend’s cat, Lucy, to be put down yesterday. Thank you, all of you. Bless you.

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We provide compassionate care for dogs and cats in Plover, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. We provide compassionate care for dogs and cats in Plover, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Amherst and the surrounding communities.
Woodhaven offers basic wellness examinations, vaccinations, medical and surgical services, plus comprehensive dental care. We also have an in-house laboratory, pharmacy, radiology services, therapy laser, and surgical CO2 laser.
Our staff regularly attends continuing education seminars in an effort to stay current with advances in medical care for our patients.
When the time comes, we also provide humane euthanasia, offering a grieving room with a private entrance. Our facility is warm and inviting, and invite you to stop in for a visit. We are proud of our most outstanding characteristic: an exceptional staff.
2660 Forest Dr Plover, WI 54467.
(715) 341-9664

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