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Wolter Chiropractic Clinic, Eau Claire, WI. 151 likes | 94 were here. Quality Chiropractic care for all ages.

Dr. Jerry’s Muse We are always getting such conflicting advice about what is the best kind of diet for our health and well-being. There is the Standard American Diet (SAD). There are Atkins, Mediterranean and Paleo to name just a few, and the list keeps getting longer. It can become very confusing . Many years ago a wise man gave me the best dietary/nutritional advice I have received: Avoid “White Death”, and everything is at least OK to eat. White Death involves 4 thin. gs: White salt, white fat, white flour, white sugar. We shall discuss these things individually over the next few months. For today, white salt. The table salt in the friendly blue box that we buy at the market is the primary example of this substance. Ancient sea salt is mined from the ground, processed to remove everything but the sodium chloride in the name of purity, a little iodine is added and it is packaged for our home use. This substance is not a food; it is an inorganic chemical best left in the laboratory. When consumed in quantities, it does not harmonize nicely with the function of our bodies. There are up to 90 trace minerals removed from the native rock salt in the processing to make white salt. When these essential trace minerals are left in the salt, it becomes a healthful food. It tastes better and you naturally use less. These naturally complete salts that I have seen are light brown or gray in color, not white. A body that is fed naturally right has a stronger innate healing potential and requires less outside help of any kind to maintain a state of wellness. Next time: White fat.

From the Desk of Dr. Brian Markgren Summer is here! It’s time to get out and do all the summer activities that we were missing over the winter; boating, fishing, golfing, and of course, the usual summer chores of mowing/trimming, and planting a garden. All theses activities are very enjoyable but they add extra stress on our bodies. So don’t forget to maintain your spinal alignment during the summer. Keeping the spine aligned will help you enjoy these activities a lot more. Staying active is one of the keys to remaining healthy so get out and do whatever it is that you love to do!

DID EVERYONE GET A CHANCE TO WATCHTHIS ON JUNE 21ST The summer solstice occurs during a hemisphere’s summer. This is the northern solstice in the northern hemisphere and the southern solstice in the southern hemisphere. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the summer solstice occurs some time between June 20 and June 22 in the northern hemisphere and between December 20 and December 23 each year in the southern hemisphere. When on a geographic pole, the sun reaches . its greatest height, the moment of solstice, it can be noon only along that longitude which at that moment lies in the direction of the sun from the pole. For other longitudes, it is not noon. Noon has either passed or has yet to come. Hence the notion of a solstice day is useful. The term is colloquially used like midsummer to refer to the day on which solstice occurs. The summer solstice day has the longest period of daylight – except in the polar regions, where daylight is continuous, from a few days to six months around the summer solstice.

Hope all our Dads/Fathers had an awesome Father’s Day!!

Dr. Jerry’s Muse Last time we talked a bit about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in the gut microflora to calm a major part of the immune system, which when overactive, is largely responsible for allergic responses to stuff in the environment. We got to this state in our society from a combination of too much: Too much processing of food, too much sanitation, too much chlorine in water, too much sugar…. Too much civilization! There are 2 other factors we sh. all briefly consider. Hydration: A great many of us do not drink nearly enough good quality water. With proper hydration our urine should be a light straw-color. Fiber: Very few of us get enough fiber in our diets. One expert has suggested that with enough dietary fiber we should have one bowel movement upon awakening and one after each meal. The result of these factors is generally constipation, another disturbance of the gut that leads to dysfunction of the microflora followed by the over active immune system/allergies. A rebalancing of these factors can lead to a happier gut and a more user friendly immune system. Your family chiropractor can fill in more details for you and help to get a feel for the whole picture.

Congratulations and best of luck to our graduates …….

Grandma’s Cleaning Recipes When it comes to housekeeping, take cues from grandmothers, who worked naturally, before the advent of synthetic cleaning products. Though they used vinegar and water for most household cleaning tasks, each had a few baking-soda tricks up her sleeve. Today we’d call such habits “green.” Here are a few of their no-mess, no-fuss recipes: > Air freshener: Put some cloves in a pan of water and simmer it on the stove. For bathroom odors, a simp. le lit match often does the trick. > Disinfectant: Vinegar is a good natural disinfectant. But if you have newborns or immunosuppressed family members who need microbiocidal action, a commercial disinfectant is called for. > Drain cleaner: Dissolve greasy clogs by mixing 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup distilled white vinegar in boiling water. Pour the solution down the drain and cover with a drain plug for several minutes. Flush with tap water until it clears. > Fabric softner: Add 1 cup distilled white vinegar to your machine’s wash cycle. > Floors: In a bucket, mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar and 1 gallon warm water. After washing floors, rinse with water. Don’t leave large pools of water to dry. > Mildew remover: Mix vinegar with water, or sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge to clean affected areas. Proper ventilation and dehumidifiers can reduce or eliminate the growth of mildew or mold. > Scouring powder: Lightly sprinkle baking soda onto dirty surface. Wipe with a sponge. Rinse well. > Window cleaner: Try spraying club soda on the window and wipe with a clean linen towel. Or clean with 2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar in 1 quart warm water.

Dr. Jerry’s Muse Spring is fully here, and the weather folks are talking about high pollen counts again. TV ads are singing the praises of all the chemicals that you are apparently deficient in that need to be taken to control the symptoms generated by the attack of those nasty, evil pollens; never mind the possible side effects. So why is it that many of our bodies react so strongly to these naturally occurring substances that should really have no effect on us at all? Ex. perts tell us that allergic reactions come from an over active immune system. That part of the immune system responsible for this over reaction is in the gut. Anything that helps to calm the gut will reduce the severity of allergic reactions. Jamie Lee Curtis is right; up to 70% of the immune system is in the gut, and probiotics can have a major calming effect. You can try the “Activia Challenge”, eat another active culture yogurt, or take a good probiotic supplement. A typical good supplement will have the equivalent bacterial count per capsule of up to ten cups of yogurt. Of course, if your spine is not in proper alignment in the area where nerves controlling gut function emerge, many different forms of dysfunction may occur, including imbalance of the microflora. Dr. Jerry Retzlaff

The Importance of Hand Hygiene May 5 is National Hand Hygiene Day and, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infections. Approximately 1.7 million hospital patients contract Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) each year, costing more Americans their lives than breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined, and accounting for nearly 99,000 deaths. Many of these infections are preventable. (Source: Infection Control Today)

May is “Motorcycle Awareness Month” LOOK TWICE ~ SAVE A LIFE

Dr.Jerry’s Muse: As I write this today the redwing blackbirds have been doing their song in my neighborhood for the last few days. This is another sign that we are moving further into REAL spring. (Never understood what they are doing in this part of town at this time of year when they spend almost all the time in the marshlands.) Now we just wait for the catbirds and orioles. (By the way, if you feed orioles, stock up on grape jelly now; they ran into a shortage last ye. ar.) Soon the green will star, t to show, also. Watching the world come alive again after a long gray winter is one of the most joyous times of life. Your senses must be fully activated to get full enjoyment of this experience. Your nervous system controls your senses, and chiropractic adjustments allow your nervous system to function at its highest level possible. Chiropractic adds life to years.

FUN WITH FOOD: Cobb Salad Skewers Use up your surplus of boiled Easter eggs with this scrumptious lunch idea. Thread all the fixings for a classic Cobb salad onto bamboo skewers: grape tomatoes, quartered boiled egg pieces, and rolled strips of romaine lettuce, plus cubes of avocado, rotisserie chicken, and ham. Serve with a side of blue cheese dressing for dipping.

Fun Facts about Earth Day *The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. *Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990. *On the very first Earth Day, 20 million people gathered in the streets of America to protest the industrial revolution. An environmental movement was born as a result. . *Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day while he was working as a US senator.

From the desk of Dr. Brian: Now we are into April, the first full month of spring. Time to put away the snow blower and get the lawn mower ready to go! There are also plenty of outdoor activities, the star, t of baseball season, the star, t of golfing, and getting out and cleaning up the lawn, as well as many different things we will be jumping into shortly. As we transition into a different season, that means our bodies will have to do different types of motions, this will no doubt cause some aches and pains. Remember, as you’re getting ready for summer to keep your back aligned.

Unique Tidbits about Easter you may not know: *76% of people eat the ears off the chocolate bunnies first. *The Easter Bunny tradition made its way to us US in the 18th Century. It is believed to have originated in Europe where it was actually the Easter Hare. . *Jellybeans were first made in America by Boston candy maker William Schrafft, who ran advertisements urging people to send jellybeans to soldiers fighting in the Civil War. *In the old days pretzels were associated with Easter because the twists of the pretzel were thought to resemble arms crossing in prayer.

Dr.Jerry’s Muse: I was with a gathering of friends the other day when a new individual was introduced to the group. One of the group introduced herself as “Robin, my parents named me for the first bird of Spring,” and the fella’ says “Hmph! Robins! How can those blankety-blank birds be called our state bird when they abandon us every winter? Our state bird should be the Bluejay or the Chickadee or some other bird that sticks with us through these bitter months.” My commen. t in return was that since the Robin IS our state bird perhaps we should honor this lovely creature and follow it in its travels. The comings and goings would fit in quite nicely with the migration patterns of the original inhabitants of this state. And speaking of robins; my calendars at home indicate that we are only 2 or 3 weeks away from their return. So paste on a big smile and pretty soon it’ll stay there all by it self.

Highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Chad and Dr. Stender for the excellent care. Great staff also!!.
Markgren Chiropractic. 168 likes | 4 were here. Health/Medical/Pharmacy.

Good luck at State Osseo-Fairchild Track Team!!!

Dr. Markgren is still taking appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings in Osseo. But, he will be watching state golf this coming Tuesday smile emoticon

Good luck at Sectionals Osseo-Fairchild Boys Golf!!!

It is official! I saw my first patient at Wolter Chiropractic!

Changes in store! After 21 years in Osseo, Dr. Markgren will be offering his service at Wolter Chiropractic in Eau Claire star, ting Monday, April 14th. He will continue to work out of his Osseo office on Tuesdays and Thursdays as he makes the transition. It has be an honor to serve you, we hope you’ll make the move with us:)

Fantastic game last night O-F Boys Thunder! Great group of guys, you make us proud!!

Warm wishes for a Happy New Year!

Thanks to all the very special people who stopped by our Open House this morning! It was a wonderful morning:) We feel so very blessed!!

Open house tomorrow at our office! (Saturday 9 to noon) Help us celebrate Brian’s 20 year chiropractic anniversary! Help us welcome Susan & Jeannie; Stay in touch with Susan Massage and Healing Hands Reflexology. Yummy rolls, muffins, raspberry filled cake, and meat & cheese tray. Prizes and give aways including gift certificates, pillows, soaps, and lotions. Hope to see you there:)

Thank you to all our veterans!! Special thanks to my dad, George Markgren, one of the few WWII vets left.

Great time at Colby’s Florist and Osseo Ford’s open houses yesterday!! One more week until ours! Stop on by our office Sat. Nov. 16th between 9:00 and noon for coffee, rolls, and chances to win gift baskets and certificates. Find out about our services and congratulate Dr. Brian on 20 years of practice in Osseo! We’d love to see you:).

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Lisa Arkowski is a chiropractor located in Eau Claire, WI providing treatment for Low Back Pain, Sciatica Pain, Herniated Disc, Neck Pain, Headaches while offering Physical Rehab.

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