Winnebago County – Animal Services



(815) 319-4100

(815) 877-3073


4517 N Main St,
Rockford, IL 61103

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Open Hours

Tue – Fri. 11:00 Am – 4:30 Pm
Sat. 10:00 Am – 3:30 Pm

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Winnebago County Animal Services focuses on rabies control, pet population control, animal bite reports, pet adoption and fostering, lost and found animals, and state and local animal ordinance. Winnebago County Animal Services.
Looking for my cat who might have been killed by my new neighbors dog.
Going to the shelter and see such beautiful pets.
Great work from the volunteers who work hard to clean the cages and adopt out the lovely pets.
Ann, Our adoptable animals do not have a time limit. As long as our animals stay happy and healthy, they will remain in adoption until they are adopted or pulled by a non-profit rescue. Thank you for your interest in our shelter and we are very sorry to hear about your cat. I, in good faith, relinquished ownership of my dog so you could find her a home. I gave you 18 months of vet records, her items from home so she would feel safe and secure, and I drove away crying but knowing my dog needed a home where she could get attention. She loved to go for walks and play fetch for hours, but I couldn’t give this to her anymore. AND, WCAS, YOU KILLED MY DOG AND PUT HER TO SLEEP IN A MATTER OF HOURS AND NEVER EVEN CALLED AND GAVE ME A CHANCE TO GET HER BACK. When I dropped her off, you told me I was required by law to relinquish her to you rather than find her a home myself. You, the front desk staff and office manager, and the vet (see website) should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Register Star
@ rrstar
Enraged man rams #
Winnebago County Animal Services van

Polly Workinger
@ pollysparties
This male siamese was taken to Winnebago County Animal Services

Eric OBrien
@ EricOBrien23
Illinois, USA
Winnebago County Animal Services and Blains Farm & Fleet (LovesPark) have partnered up for adoptions every Sat 10-2

Veronica Romero
@ Vironika2094
Owen, IL
I just ousted Christina H. as the mayor of Winnebago County Animal Services on @

Veronica Romero
@ Vironika2094
Owen, IL
Picking up kristophers new dog, chewy
icon smile(@ Winnebago County Animal Services)

Robert Villarreal
@ RobMVillarreal
Owen, IL
Im at Winnebago County Animal Services (Rockford, IL)

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