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Dog, Cat, Horse, Poultry and Songbirds Feed, Seed and Supplies.


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Wings-N-Things. 150 likes | 10 talking about this. Products and information on and about dogs, cats, horses, poultry, songbirds and wildlife.

Barn or house full of flies? Catch them on a sticky ribbon. Just pull sticky ribbon from end of tube, catch flies and dispose. Stop by and get some today.

For all those exhibiting animals at State Fair – we are stocked and ready to help you get your animal ready. Good Luck to all.

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats Kills fleas and ticks. Plus, decimates flea eggs and larvae. Check out for more information or stop by the store.

Yes, we do carry some hardware.

Still having issue’s with reception, spent a couple hours with my carrier. Not sure they are going to be able to solve the issue. Looking into others carriers.

LID or Limited Ingredient Diet – What does this really mean? Unfortunately, this depends on who you talk to. According to most veterinarians it means a single source protein and a single carbohydrate. I think the vets and pet food manufacturers should get together on this. I’ve seen pet foods that say LID or Limited Ingredient Diet yet their will be more than one protein or carbohydrate in the food. Also, if something is limited ingredient wouldn’t that mean few ingredients? I’ve counted the ingredients in some of these foods and found they can have more ingredients than a food that doesn’t claim to be Limited Ingredient. I’m not so sure there is a standard or true definition on LID or Limited Ingredient Diet. What exactly are we trying to limit?

Did you know – if you place red lights at the corners of your chicken yard they will help keep predators away. The red lights look like the eyes of a predators predator thereby keeping them away. This is a tip for after dark as the lights are not able to be seen properly during the day and the predators are generally not out during the day.

Customer question – I’m new to raising chickens; how often do I need to clean out the chicken coop? Answer – depends on your birds and their living arrangement. The more the birds use the coop, the more you will need to clean it. If the coop smells, looks like a toilet or birds get sick, definitely clean it out. At that point it doesn’t matter when you cleaned it last. If you have a healthy flock and they have plenty of outdoor time 2 to 3 times a year would be sufficient. Nesting boxes should be cleaned at least once a month.

Pretty much everyone knows Robin’s eat worms; but did you know they also eat fruit (especially berries).

New Packaging. Swheat Scoop Scoopable Cat Litter has a new look but same great product. Made of 100% Wheat. If you haven’t tried it, stop by and get some today.

Yes, we do carry rubber buckets (8 qt and 12 qt) and rubber feed pans (2 qt, 4 qt, 8 qt and 3 gal).

If you use Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic or want more information on Canine Influenza following the attached link.

Customer came in looking at horse feed. Asked if they needed assistance. Customer (from Helenville) said they have a horse that needed to put on weight and a friend of theirs in Hayward told them to stop by Wings- N-Things as they carried good feed and would be able to help them out. I couldn’t believe I heard them right so I asked, did you say someone from Hayward, WI recommended us? They said yes, their friend stops by Wings-N-Things whenever they are in town. WOW, a recommendation from Hayward. What a compliment.

Do you know the difference between controlled star, ch and low star, ch in horse feed? Controlled star, ch means the feed manufacturer is keeping consistent control on the amount of star, ch in their feed. This does not mean the feed is low star, ch. Many times (not always) when a manufacturer indicates the feed is controlled star, ch, the feed has a mid level amount of star, ch or 20-24% star, ch. If a feed is truley a low star, ch feed it will generally (not always) have a star, ch value of 12. -13%. The best way to find out the star, ch percentage you are feeding is to look on the tag for NSC (Non-Structural Carbohydrates). NSC is the percent of sugar (which turns to star, ch in the animals system) plus star, ch. If the bag does not give NSC, just add the sugar and star, ch together. If you do not locate any of this information or only a part of this information on the tag, contact the feed manufacturer and ask.

Rumblings in the chicken world – been hearing from a few customers that their chickens are star, ting to molt. A little early but over the last couple years many things in nature have been changing with the weird Wisconsin weather.

I have been coming to the store for years.peg always is so helpful and knowledgeable.

Great store. For the selection of goods-everything from pet foods, wildlife foods to equine supplies. why go anywhere . else? Best bird seed selection in the Waukesha – Jefferson County area. Don’t bother with big box stores. Support this place. it’s priceless!.

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