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(608) 325-3240


N1005 County Road K,
Monroe, WI 53566

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Had my best golf score EVER last night . 39!! Lovin my new putter.

Well, at least I broke 60 for my first round since last September.

Looking like a pro Betsy Krantz!

Great place to get away quick from monroe to get a round in . .

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Cody Faust
@ cfaust25
Wisconsin, USA
Monroe Hounds (photocreds: Duke Goetz) @ Windy Acres Golf Course http://instagram.com/p/wKpFjRGVoY/

Tim Obert
@ TimObert
Wisconsin, USA
Golfing like complete dogshit (@ Windy Acres Golf Course) http://4sq.com/VTSMjN

Tim Obert
@ TimObert
Wisconsin, USA
About to shoot a new course record, I can feel it (@ Windy Acres Golf Course) http://4sq.com/1i5JV8q

@ osicktk
Wisconsin, USA
First time golfing today #
nexttigerwoods #
firstofmany @ Windy Acres Golf Course http://instagram.com/p/ckQb3SJnHO/

Nic Hitchins
@ NicHitchins
Wisconsin, USA
Back nine. (@ Windy Acres Golf Course) http://4sq.com/O5NOGa

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