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(651) 583-3585


16920 Wild Mountain Rd,
Taylors Falls, MN 55084

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One of Minnesota’s newest Winery’s.
We’ve checked it twice and we want you to have it. We can’t believe it either.
Authentic Front Gris Ice Wine.. Finally.what you’ve been asking for.. The Fall colors are here in an explosion of color.
Experience it first hand at the Upper St.Croix Wine and Art Krawl. Over 20 local artists showcase their craft. How about a bottle of wine!
Good for any age (over 21) or gender.
Wine Appreciation Tasting at Wild Mountain Winery. Use this link to check it out on GROUPON. Little piece of heaven?. Saturday, 3-6 Music in the Vineyard: Dave Hudson. Great weather for an outdoor concert. Bring a light jacket and we’ll light a fire! Saturday 9/6 Music in the Vineyard- Rick & Kenny Duo, 3-6 p.m.. The best local wines in a great location. What a great day trip!

16906 Wild Mountain Rd Taylors Falls, MN 55084.
(651) 583-3585

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Katelyn Sheehan
@ TheKatieSheehan
Richfield, MN
Friends who wine together.. #
lanyards #
wine #
tastingandtouring @ Wild Mountain Winery http://instagram.com/p/sDvLs6ytRN/

Brenda Graboski
@ brendagrab
Minnesota, USA
Just posted a photo @ Wild Mountain Winery http://instagram.com/p/rPsQdoum_N/

Ken Thompson
@ kongslide
Amador, MN
croixchocolate and Wild Mountain Winery pairing @ Wild Mountain Winery http://instagram.com/p/c4j3WqwpiI/

Amy Lyons
@ vanilla_cake
Mounds View, MN
Walking through the vinyard on a gorgeous day! @ wild mountain winery http://instagr.am/p/P720E8KYMF/

Michael Flores
@ mgflores76
Amador, MN
Trying a new winery. (@ wild mountain winery) http://4sq.com/UXpb2S

Shibity Shaw
@ ShibityShaw
Amador, MN
Roughing it w @
yomalorie @
dukedevils21 @
kubysnacks @
laurabetker @
lookitsryan (@ wild mountain winery) http://4sq.com/MQCyeB

Nic Riederer
@ petiewithpds
Amador, MN
Im at wild mountain winery http://4sq.com/JXkWyR

Nic Riederer
@ petiewithpds
Amador, MN
New friends & great wine (@ wild mountain winery) https://foursquare.com/petiewithpds/checkin/4f5bd078e4b09f0f982b98db?s=uWusn8-s37uBLK7xPTW6pIgHvSQ&ref=tw…

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