Whitewater State Park




(507) 932-3007


19041 Highway 74,
Altura, MN 55910

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Pristine trout stream, several different branches of the river to fish. Some locales are easily accessible (within the park), others are more difficult to access and get low amount of foot traffic (some of the best fishing!). Camping experience is great too, no mosquitos! Excellent views and well kept hiking trails.

One of my favorite MN State Parks and I’ve been to a lot of them. A place or relaxation AND exploration. It’s beauty is shown through many ways!

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whitewater state park

Loved hiking the trails.
Loved this state park,. What an amazing place!
We thoroughly enjoyed all the hiking trails and rode our bikes throughout the park.
A nice dump station and options for water and electric hookups.
The beach is nicely kept. We saw turtles, deer and chipmunks.
Many of the hikes have nicely kept boardwalks and stairs.
Definitely a new favorite!
Loved this state park, good fishing stream and stunning vistas from the bluffs.
A great place to get away from it all back to nature. I have been to several Minnesota State parks and this is one of my favorites.
This is my second time here it’s really beautiful. AT&T cell phone works here. St Charles which is about 15 minutes south has a public library with full internet and computers.
They have many campsites which are first come first served the others can be reserved in advance. Tons of hiking, fire tower, trout streams, private camp sites, what more could you ask for? As you’re driving to the park, you would never think it was going to be this beautiful lush green forest as you’re passing through all the corn fields.
Love the trails and the picnic areas.
St Charles which is about 15 minutes south has a public library with full internet and computers.
nn They have many campsites which are first come first served the others can be reserved in advance.
19041 Highway 74 Altura, MN 55910.
(507) 932-3007

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Tom Northenscold
@ tomnorthenscold
Minnesota, USA
The view from where I sit on this gorgeous day at Whitewater State Park. @ Inspiration Point at… https://instagram.com/p/42AdTqIK1a/

@ ItsNatalie25
Minnesota, USA
Hiking at Whitewater State Park with @
ehenderliter! pic.twitter.com/ENNFcwKuiE

@ Madisonnelson23
Minnesota, USA
We like to think were artsy sometimes. @ Whitewater State Park Historical Marker https://instagram.com/p/4fzKmcC8eR/

Nicole Mathison
@ namathison
Minnesota, USA
camping is the best! @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/4Ea1K3DeK4/

Megan Zeiher
@ megz_reilly
Minnesota, USA
Saturdays are pretty wonderful. #
beerhikers #
takeahike #
OnlyinMN @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/3Csj82LR2i/

Marcus Mack
@ marcusmack14
Minnesota, USA
Why walk on your feet if you can walk on your hands @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/2pDwrsNKyC/

Tylar Caldwell
@ Storytylar
Minnesota, USA
A dreary 1k #
hike before work today with #
Babylu @ Whitewater State Park Historical Marker https://instagram.com/p/2TtqIiqWGc/

Greg Graves
@ Gregbgraves
Minnesota, USA
Baby bows. caityc #
trout @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/2McFG4uwBo/

@ dani_paige11
Minnesota, USA
•I love places that make you realize how tiny your problems are• @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/zs6T4Bq_JV/

John Stokes
@ TheJohnStokes
Minnesota, USA
Snowshoeing is my new favorite thing #
outdooradventure @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/zYPDUxvi1B/

Jamie Kilpela
@ jamiekilpela
Minnesota, USA
Winter trout fishing @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/yc7Kx_qutm/

david seifert
@ troutcycle
Minnesota, USA
No trout in todays creel, but I did land this good looking shark! @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/x-lIFtnN3C/

Erik Hansen
@ erik3815
Minneapolis, MN
Bestof14 camping trip – Whitewater State Park. #
Almostfelloffthebluff #
carcampingsuperstars pic.twitter.com/fIh4u6IfSD

Samantha Berge
@ samjberge
Minnesota, USA
My view
icon smileTrail ride with sweet Windy on this windy, but beautiful fall day @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/tv7UoNFC5D/

@ cannaBL1SS
Minneapolis, MN
The leaves were beautiful at the Midamerica Herbal Symposium at whitewater state park last week! @
sewardcoop @

Allison Jacobson
@ AlliHealthCoach
Minnesota, USA
Fun hike with @
mnsurfer and his parents on this crisp, sunny, fall day. @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/s8YbqeMV9e/

Kate Gallagher
@ KMonsterG
Minnesota, USA
One teeny tiny piece of 250 beautiful miles in SE MN. @ Whitewater State Park https://instagram.com/p/sYipMqyGqA/

RV Park Reviews
@ rvparkreviewer
Minnesota, USA
Whitewater State Park got [7/10] Gorgeous park with fantastic, shaded sites. Lots of trails to…https://bit.ly/1u1HUuS

Brett Gustafson
@ TheGusFeed
Minnesota, USA
Love black and white photography. Whitewater River. @ Whitewater State Park Historical Marker https://instagram.com/p/5shx04gC0z/

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