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(414) 464-9631

(414) 464-1215


9207 W Capitol Dr,
Milwaukee, WI 53222

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Open Hours

Mon – Sun. 5:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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Ben Windau
@ BenW28o
Milwaukee, WI
HAPPY GRADUATION DINNER!!!! Anthony, welcome to GW Steakhouse @ Webb George Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/30HLRkP5Go/

Marc M
@ marcobrau
Franklin, WI
My first time at a George Webb. @ Webb George Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/0X2dwYKK-D/

@ FightaNinja
Milwaukee, WI
Well hello light that makes me look so damn gorgeous. @ Webb George Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/v02WokE8rN/

@ FightaNinja
Milwaukee, WI
Im fabulous. Im not conceited though. Just a little narcissistic. @ Webb George Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/vgPzr2E8iB/

@ buffyT2
Milwaukee, WI
@ Webb George Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/o67UYWokR0/

Also Known As

George Webb Restaurant

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