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(262) 547-9785


N22W23170 Watertown Rd,
Waukesha, WI 53188

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Open Hours

Wed. 2:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Thu. 4:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Sat – Sun. 9:00 Am – 3:00 Pm
Fri. Closed

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Waukesha Gun Club, Waukesha, WI. 728 likes | 23 talking about this | 2,926 were here. The Waukesha Gun Club is Wisconsin’s largest shotgun only club. It. .

Security Equipment Supply. Here for their annual event!! Another successful event!! See you next year!!!!

WGC E-NEWS 7-28-15 Members, Sporting Clays LEAGUE SHOOTERS!!! You may shoot your League tournament score TODAY -TOMMORROW or Thursday but remember shoot-offs will star, t at 6 PM sharp on THURSDAY by 5-stand #1. . We would prefer that most of you shoot early if possible. Cost to shoot is only $10 and we will have prizes for the top 3 places—everyone gets 100% handicap. Dinner will be served about 630 PM. Fall Skeet League star, ts this week!! It is only 25 targets per week and is a great way to get star, ted at skeet if you have not shot it before. Fall Sporting Clays star, ts next week!! Get your team together -this is a short league (8 WKS ) and will help to get you ready for fall hunting season. Hope to see you all this week!!

Charlie and his groomsmen on the way to the church!!! Congratulations Charlie and Elisa!!!

WGC E-NEWS 7-21-15 Members , Thanks to all that came out and shot our super sporting this last weekend. We hope you all had a Great time and enjoyed the new East course we setup for small ga and league shooting -we will be setting that up each time we shoot registered sportys for the rest of the year. Winners are posted on the website. . This Tuesday is the SKEET league fun shoot and banquet. Shooting star, ts at 4PM and you can shoot a complimentary 25 targets —dinner will be ready at about 6:30 This is the last week of Sporting Clays league-all scores must be in by Sunday afternoon -Awards -Banquet is next week Thursday at 6:30 PM. We will have a league tounament which can be shot on Tues-Wed-or Thurs (before 6PM) of NEXT WEEK. Hope to see you all this week —

WGC E-NEWS 7-14-15 Members, Thanks to all of you that donated your time to come out and help with Christophers Shoot Against Childhood Cancer -YOU HELPED make this a huge success — We had 260 Shooters participate and without your help it would not run as smooth —-A Special thanks goes to Mark Keating for organizing the more than 50 volunteers . it looks like we raised about $125,000 for the MACC fund ! ! ! This weekend we are hosting the Wisconsin OPEN Super Sporting Championship We will have 2 courses set up. One for Super Sport and one for small Ga and league shooters —shoot in any of the events and your name goes in for a drawing for over $2,000 in prizes JUST FOR THIS SHOOT ! ! ! look on our website for more info PLUS-any one that shoots Super sport either day will be included in to the Wis. Badger series drawing for the GOLF CART to be given away Aug 8th Lots of ways to WIN just come out and SHOOT Hope to see you all this week

Thank you to all our shooters, volunteers and staff at Waukesha Gun Club for all your efforts to make this years Christopher’s/MACC fund event a success!!! Thank you to Homer and Gabe from 540 am ESPN for their live broadcast during our event!!. .stay tuned for pictures

Homer and Gabe here at Waukesha Gun club doing their live broadcast during our MACC Fund event

WGC E-NEWS 7-715 Members , Thanks to all who came out to shoot on the 4th weekend . . This Friday July 10th we will be hosting Christopher’s Shoot Against Childhood Cancer to benefit the MACC fund. Last year we raised over $105,000 in our one day event and with your help we could do better this year ! ! ESPN radio will be doing a live broadcast from the Club from 3-6 pm If you would like to make a donation to the MACC fund and help find a cure for Childhood cancer -please make your check out to the MACC FUND and drop it off at the counter You may also stop in this week shoot and get tickets on the Gun Board. On Thursday we will have many silent auction items up to bid on. Help us fight Childhood Cancer Thanks, Hope to see you all this week

Hey shooters!!! Just to give you the heads up!!!! There is a electrical pole down in front of the club!!! If you can get here. Sporties and 5 stand is open if you can get here!!! No TRAP!!!

Fathers Day shoot Come on out and enjoy Fathers day pulling the trigger We are having our monthly shoot this Sunday -everyone that shoots the 100 bird will get a FREE LUNCH ! ! ! We will also have a 50 bird 28 Ga 5-stand and a 12 Ga 5-stand Hope to see you all this Sunday

Dynamic Ratings had a great time here for their outing!!!

WGC E-NEWS 6-16-15 Members, We are having a FATHERS DAY SPECIAL this Sunday in honor of the great event. Any member will be able to pay for their shooting and get DADS at 1/2 price ! !. This is for PRACTICE ONLY. Bring dad out and spend the day it will be the most memorable FATHERS DAY you have had ! ! ! WIN a GOLF CART THIS SUNDAY -just come on in and shoot our 100 bird Registered Sporting Clays shoot and you will get your name in on the drawing for an EZGO cart . Cart is provided by the Wisconsin Sporting Clays Association in our Badger shoot series and the drawing will be Saturday, Aug 8th at the State shoot. You do not need to be present to win. We are looking for people to do some maintenance work around the Club. If you have time and skills and are looking for some work, contact Waukesha Gun Club. These will be paid positions. Hope to see you all this week!!!

WGC E-NEWS Members, Thanks to all of you that bought tickets on the SKB shotgun -it was won by member Steve Wilcox . . We were able to raise enough money to buy 720 t-shirts for the kids that shot the conference shoot ! ! We were thanked by many of the kids as they proudly wore their shirts -what a GREAT thing to see A special thanks go out to Brad Patterson the Conference President and Dan Kent the Marquette team head coach -these two put together the entire program and things ran flawlessly ! ! ! Berms are done on the east side and grass is planted -so far we have heard nothing but positive things about them as they take out some of the busy background that was present before . They will be star, ting on the west side soon so please be careful not to park in and block the roadways the trucks are large and they need room to make turns . Nothing special going on this week come on in and shoot-shoot -shoot Hope to see you all this week

Award ceremony for the SE conference shoot

Club well organized and run. No long waits root any venue and everything works!! No mechanical breakdowns.

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Amanda Lynn Nelson
@ andpandatoo
Pewaukee, WI
Great day for some sporties & 5-stand with Dad! (@ Waukesha Gun Club in Waukesha, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2r61HDhZneA

Connor Mason
@ connordmason
Pewaukee, WI
Went trap shooting for the first time today. 13/25! @ Waukesha Gun Club https://instagram.com/p/vtxwslCIHe/

Scott Sandalow
@ ScottSandalow
Pewaukee, WI
Gun things. (@ Waukesha Gun Club) [pic]: https://4sq.com/1fQjGx1

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Chip talks deer hunting preps at Waukesha Gun Club: Gun deer hunting season kicks off this weekend and Chip is… https://dlvr.it/4LTnvl

Jonathan Strohbusch
@ JStrohbusch
Pewaukee, WI
Doin man things… #
perrysbachparty @ Waukesha Gun Club https://instagram.com/p/fYbsYbROH6/

Bradford Lyman
@ bradfordlyman
Pewaukee, WI
Pre-reception activities (with Jennie at Waukesha Gun Club) [pic] — https://path.com/p/3w5EVo

Ben Holstine
@ MKErugbyprop3
Pewaukee, WI
More trap shooting @ Waukesha Gun Club https://instagram.com/p/ZmTT2RxUFV/

@ clazisme
Waukesha Gun Club
Im at Waukesha Gun Club (Waukesha, WI) https://4sq.com/11acvI6

Megan Costello
@ meggo_costello
Pewaukee, WI
This is my dad. Hes a retired Lt. Colonel, US Army and a generally awesome dude. @ Waukesha Gun Club https://instagram.com/p/Xc6pSdiPHr/

Megan Costello
@ meggo_costello
Pewaukee, WI
Happy Good Friday from Wisconsin! Shoot safely, friends. @ Waukesha Gun Club https://instagram.com/p/Xc3LfliPCE/

@ Gtown_Bob
Waukesha Gun Club
Watching Nephews Shoot for Marquette High School!!!! (@ Waukesha Gun Club) [pic]: https://4sq.com/N08K2w

craycray wacko
@ cee__dub
Waukesha Gun Club
Trap (@ Waukesha Gun Club) https://4sq.com/L8W4Tc

Alpha PT
@ alphapersonal
Waukesha Gun Club
Im not actually here lol (@ Waukesha Gun Club) https://4sq.com/pdHH9K

craycray wacko
@ cee__dub
Waukesha Gun Club
SKEEET skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet (@ Waukesha Gun Club) https://4sq.com/kCt28F

Ethan Elser
@ ethanelser
Pewaukee, WI
Im at Waukesha Gun Club (N22W23170 Watertown Road, Waukesha). https://4sq.com/aBBRq9

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