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Innovative Water Management Solutions.
Well this should get more people interesting in the need for getting clean water to those in underdeveloped countries.
Original way, not an easy task decide Dutch architects.
During the reconstruction of the XVII century fort on them needed to throw a pedestrian bridge over a water-filled moat, but do it in such a way that it was practically invisible. The transition has been decided to erect a wooden tunnel submerged in water.
Love to see the innovation that everyday people are bringing to solve #water problems.
My only recommendation would be to make it easy to replace the pump tubing.
We use peristaltic pumps and they will fail and need to be easy to replace.. More and more organizations are dedicating themselves to bringing clean #water to those without. World Water Day is this March 22nd.
Please support these groups and help them in their efforts.. Thirst Relief International by Anton Lorimer, Jim Davis-Hicks, Bob Davis, & Kenny Kim. Water does some amazing things.
Where two oceans meet. These two bodies of water were merging in the middle of The Gulf of Alaska and there was a foam developing only at their junction. It is a result of the melting glaciers being composed of fresh water and the ocean has a higher percentage of salt causing the two bodies of water to have different densities and therefore makes it more difficult to mix.. Almost every(…)

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