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The women in the pharmacy are rude as heck!
I along with many other people now days do not have insurance. So I called around for the pharmacy with the best price for my medication. Went there after work, they told me to come back in 20 minutes.
I immediately questioned it. She told me it was that price because it was tablets and not the capsules.
I took a picture previously of my prescription on my phone. It said generic form, and did not say tablet on my prescription. In my head I am thinking.
you know I dont have insurance, and you give me the higher priced medication? What a scam if you ask me!
I’m new to the area and while I am mostly satisfied, I’m disappointed by both area Wal-Mart stores don’t carry any of the common African American products that I thought were ubiquitous.
I now have to either drive to a Wal-Mart in Illinois or closer to Milwaukee to find the body lotions, hair care products, and specifically the quality pillow cases for curly hair.
Otherwise it’s a nice store with nice employees, I’m just shocked that neither of the stores in the area have any products for blacks.
I’ve been on the phone for 2 minutes and they are just now answering.
Electronics answered and transferred me to bakery and now it’s ringing again for 1 minute and some lady answered and i asked if they have pre made graduation cakes and said oh let me transfer to bakery. They actually answered right away.(…)

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