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Walmart Zion, Zion, Illinois. 1,639 likes | 15 talking about this | 3,785 were here. Store Hours: 24 hours

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Which Cap’N Crunch flavor is your favorite? Come into our store tomorrow and try the newest flavor from Cap’N Crunch— Caramel Popcorn Crunch!

Our Zion Supercenter is hiring department managers. If you’re interested in this great opportunity, you can apply online at: www.walmart.com/apply.

My complaint is restricted to tire and lube. I went 2 days ago to get an oil change: they were closing because they had. NO ONE to work tire and lube!! Unacceptable. Then I went back yesterday: 2 hour wait because they only had two guys working the garage. There is NEVER anyone at the counter back there. I’ve stood there for well over 30 min waiting for someone to notice me. I had employees walk right past me!! You don’t need a mechanic to work the counter, so I don’t understand why a simple cashier wouldn’t work back there. Tire and Lube is a disgrace and they could do so much better!! (This is in no way directed at the mechanics. .they do the best they can with what this POS store gives them) As for the main store: do you even KNOW how to stock shelves?! Always empty shelves everywhere!!!!

I used to work here and is the worst place I’ve ever worked!!! While i was there i saw all the good really hard workers(. with few exceptions) get fired for no reason other then a random manager didn’t like you! But if you came in drunk or high or went on you break and came back that way, have multiple no call/no show or just didn’t even come back from you break you were considered “A GREAT EMPLOYEE”! But if you work hard and come in every day and even let them pull you off your brakes or lunches(which is against company policy) to help a customer you are considered a “Horrible Employee”! Most of the Employees there are good people! But it doesn’t matter how many customer compliments you have our or how hard you work if a manager doesn’t like you: YOU BETTER WATCH YOU BACK! Because they will either try to drive you to quit through harassment or find a way to fire you! Even using people’s illnesses or disabilitis as a way to fire them!!! I have not shopped at that store in over a year and will gladly spend what little money i have at other stores before i will go back there ever again! Sorry to all the GOOD hard working friends i did make there that i don’t get to see or talk to anymore but no one wants to go back to a place they worked where they were treated as badly as i was treated!.

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Hayward in the tire department had provided me with the best customer service I’ve received in a long time from a major retail store. He was very friendly, patient, and answered all my questions and concerns.
I hope this review reaches management at the Zion Walmart cause Hayward deserves acknowledgement for his great spirit, attitude, and hard work.
He is a shinning example on great customer service and treating every customer as if it was his own business.
Despite showing the staff the website that states the location participates, stating the inconvenience of driving specifically to that location, and explaining to the staff the redeemable gift cards necessity (diapers & groceries) they UNPOLITEFULLY refused our family service. It was an inconvenience, embarrassing, and unprofessional to say the least. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION TO TRADE IN GAMES OR EXPECT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. If you need a pick me, just stop by and talk to Sue in customer service. She made my day with her kind and caring words.
I had been in the Walmart in Zion at the photo center with my aunt and my aunt was having issues with the photo machine. There were multiple employees standing a short distance away in the electronics section. I went over to one of the employees and asked if someone could come over and help us.
A lady came over to help us and then couldn’t operate the machine either.
When we told her that we will not be payi(…)

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