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15205 W Greenfield Ave,
New Berlin, WI 53151

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I must say I must have really been ready for work. .lol I thought that I star, ted at 7:00 I went to clock in and it asked for an over ride then it hit me I’m not schedule so I went online to look at what time that I was schedule for and guess what it said??? 11-8pm smh. .I’ve could have slept for another hour and half. .ughhh. .lol well I guess that I will just come back in a few hours

Strolling through Wonderful Walmart can you say busy. But I just love this Walmart so much every guest puts their carts where they belong. Смайлик «smile».And it’s so very clean here . Happy Sunday again 2 u.
Walmart New Berlin, New Berlin, Wisconsin. 1,239 likes | 2 talking about this | 936 were here. Store Hours: Not 24 hours

Pharmacy Phone: . .

What is your favorite Yoplait Yogurt flavor? Stop by our store tomorrow and enjoy a tasty yogurt with no artificial sweeteners or flavors, now with 25% less sugar!

Our New Berlin Supercenter is hiring department managers. If you’re interested in this great opportunity, you can apply online at:

This summer indulge in a deliciously satisfying snack you can feel good about eating! Come by our store tomorrow to try our demo of new Special K Chewy Nut Bars and the summer’s ripest stone fruits. What is your favorite summer snack?

Your kids will love these healthy snacks— stop in tomorrow and try Bolthouse Farms Kids products! Bolthouse Farms Kids snacks are available in 3 different varieties and 7 different flavors. How do you keep your child eating healthy?

We would like to recognize Joshua S. for their 10 years of service with this company! “Like” to say congratulations!

Thank you to our manager Andy who recently received a compliment from a customer at our store for providing exceptional customer service. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Spencer B. has dedicated 10 years of service with us. Thank you for all that you do! “Like” to recognize Spencer for their achievement.

Grant M. has been an outstanding member of our company for 15 years! We’re so proud to have Grant on our team. “Like” to wish Grant a happy anniversary!

Like” this if you like exciting news! Carol C. was recently promoted! We’re so excited about your accomplishments with us at our store.

We’re thrilled for Jeremy W. and their recent promotion, “Like” this if you are too!

Like” this if you like exciting news! Danielle L. was recently promoted! We’re so excited about your accomplishments with us at our store.

Spencer B. is celebrating 10 years of amazing service with us. “Like” to say happy anniversary to Spencer!

Stop by tomorrow and check out great air freshening products from Renuzit! Renuzit Pearl scents and Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer will make sure your home stays smelling fresh and clean. What odors do you find yourself trying to eliminate?

Standing in line for 20 minutes to ring out because they have only 2 lanes open and 1 is for 10 items or less. .the we. ek before Christmas is a total FAIL! How about instead of telling me to roll my cart half way around the store to an open register. You open more registers!

Walmart headquarters disrespects conservative Marine: . Walmart removed this post in yet another act of aggression against its Christian and conservative customers. Walmart also blocked me from posting it again. That action is further proof that Walmart does not respect its Christian and Conservative customers. But that was a dumb move, because now I will post it to every Walmart store’s page in the nation. The more you try to stop me, the stronger I get. Wal-Mart’s bigotry and intolerance of Christians will not be tolerated. Here is the post that Walmart tried to hide from the public: Walmart has decided to alienate its Christian and conservative customers and employees by taking sides in this heated political dispute. In doing so, Walmart has sent the message that it does not respect or value its Christian and Conservative customers and employees. If you’re a liberal, that means that you support: The murder of defenseless unborn children, the oppression of religious liberties through misuse of the legal system, and the 250 lb man in a pink dress who wants to use the stall in the women’s room next to your daughter. Liberals don’t live and let live. It’s their way or the highway, and frivolous lawsuits, and death threats, and business sabotage, and denial of all of the above. And by the way, customers are finding expired infant formula on Walmart shelves. Walmart cares more about its liberal agenda than the safety of your infants. PS I have screenshots as proof that Walmart is trying to silence me. I’m the wrong person to pull that nonsense with. I’m a proud conservative and a strong former Marine. I will not be silenced by anyone. Please share this post.

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Brand new store, great staff. I hated this Walmart , it was too new and clean , staff was too friendly.
15205 West Greenfield Avenue New Berlin, WI 53151.
(262) 796-1620

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