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2700 New Pinery Rd,
Portage, WI 53901

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Debit, Amex, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Open Hours

Mon – Sat. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. 8:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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Walgreens, Portage, WI. 44 likes | 73 were here. Walgreen Co. is the leading U.S. drugstore chain. We want to be the nation’s most convenient healthcare. .

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Refill your prescriptions, shop health and beauty products, print photos and more at Walgreens.
Prestataire spécialisé dans le tirage de photos de passeport. Importez votre première photo publique!
Walgreens n’a partagé aucun contenu avec vous.

2700 New Pinery Rd Portage, WI 53901.
(608) 742-5727

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@ noahonair
Wisconsin, USA
Got 1,000 points today (at @
Walgreens in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/4rrUc9XggQn

Heather Loftus
@ panthergirl1985
I just checked in @
Walgreens with #
mPLACES Download today! https://bit.ly/gomplaces

@ CreativeCoupon1
Walgreens: Scott Naturals Paper Towels just .31 a roll! https://www.creativecouponing.com/walgreens-scott-naturals-paper-towels-just-31-a-roll/…

Carly Marie
@ Carlanatorr64
I miss band camp. Someone wanna trade with me? You work at Walgreens tomorrow and Ill go to camp?

Brian Hagel
@ BrianHagel
Whoa, is your credit card on your watch? Ive never seen that before. -Walgreens Associate #
ApplePay #

Emily And Ryan
@ esleazy_
My boyfriend is going out of town for a week and I was going to try to be healthy while hes gone but Walgreens had a coupon for Pringles..

A$AP Selfie
@ jhamlett
Wisconsin, USA
Just had to dig through reading glasses at Walgreens to find a pair that allowed me to make out the model number on a watch battery.

@ sailoremma
I just searched this Walgreens for like 10 mins for fruit snacks n found nothing but they got Gyro flavored potato chips by the pound

@ mutant_robot
texasspoonie many online medical supply places & some local drug stores depending on size https://www.walgreens.com/q/canes-with-seats… @

FOX6 News
@ fox6now
Walgreens thieves took off in a stolen vehicle and ended up crashing. https://to.fox6now.com/1fuzGd3 pic.twitter.com/0JH3jVbBHt

FOX6 News
@ fox6now
Plea for help: Police seek to identify armed suspects who robbed a Walgreens pharmacy https://to.fox6now.com/1HVQGAG pic.twitter.com/s7zFq1ks8Y

Dave Martin
@ martindave
Whos advertising on @
AppleMusic? McDonalds, Nordstrom, Home Depot and Walgreens. More from @
AdWeeks Lauren Johnson https://www.adweek.com/news/technology/these-are-big-brands-advertising-apples-new-music-service-166065…

@ a_krag_
Richfield, MN
Does walgreens sell Lisa frank stickers? Asking for a friend

Rock County Scanner
@ RockCoScanner
Janesville- Walgreens(Center Ave) possible commercial fire. 2 large explosions behind building and smoke seen

@ laflaneuse
A Target Express in your neighborhood seems to mean you can buy a cute neighborhoody shopping bag. But didnt feel different from Walgreens.

Br. Joseph Gannon ن
@ BrJosephOCD
Br. Joseph Gannon ن retweeted Jacob Perry

@ sailoremma
My fav old cashier at Walgreens is telling me abt her daughters goth phase

All American Girl
@ AIIAmericanGirI
Thug Does Something SICK To U.S. Army Vet In Walgreens Parking Lot… Wheres Al Sharpton? https://conservativetribune.com/thug-does-something-to-vet/…

@ sailoremma
N here I am with my sock tan just trying to decipher the snack situation @ Walgreens

Mike Bredeson
@ 1TrizzleMizzle
West Allis, WI
Pills (at @
Walgreens in West Allis, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/hx5ZVUNK0lI

Walgreens News
@ WalgreensNews
Have Qs about #
hepatitis? Join us for #
abcDrBchat with @
DrRichardBesser today at 1 pm EST.

@ Walgreens
Stay well in the sun! Grab sunscreen, bottled water and other beach essentials in store! https://spr.ly/6016B8ZEu pic.twitter.com/yOI4oTewP6

@ Walgreens
Add these drugstore staples to your makeup bag, à la @
elenarodrz. #
walgreensbeauty https://spr.ly/6010BDuS6 pic.twitter.com/eCo3pJG6Y5

@ Walgreens
Make memories and make room for more rewards. Add this perk at https://spr.ly/6019B8Z35 pic.twitter.com/W5SrJdr9AZ

@ Walgreens
Get beachy summer hair without going to the ocean! It’s easy, learn how! https://spr.ly/6011B8UfV pic.twitter.com/MTAJN5NdCc

Esther Irish
@ LaughWithUsBlog
Learn more about the Balance Rewards for healthy choices app and sign up here: https://cbi.as/gq0c #
RewardHealthyChoices #

@ Walgreens
Summer starts now! Stop in store for essentials to get your BBQ cookin’ this weekend! https://spr.ly/6018B8ZBO pic.twitter.com/VYkZF1kY0U

@ Walgreens
alexmorgan13 Thanks for joining in on the #
CokeHappyHour! Wed share a @
CocaCola with a World Champion any day.

@ Walgreens
How about some trivia to get your day going! What year did the first Walgreens store open? #
TBT pic.twitter.com/nQAkMswUuG

@ Walgreens
Stay cool poolside from head to toe! Chill in glamour & SPF like @
FlairMiami. #
walgreensbeauty https://spr.ly/6019BDuKP pic.twitter.com/W9WRE83Mfz

@ Walgreens
Happy #
NationalHotDogDay! Pick up dogs, buns & condiments in store to host your own BBQ today! https://spr.ly/6013BErWc pic.twitter.com/caXdHkUBQr

@ Walgreens
From hot summer scents to flawless foundation, stand out this summer w/ the latest in beauty. https://spr.ly/6014B8kAK pic.twitter.com/R7xtsXNXE0

@ Walgreens
Update your smoky eye for summer with peek-a-boo blue! It’s easy, learn how! https://spr.ly/6016B8UAE pic.twitter.com/ylU3YahRbF

@ Walgreens
Keep all eyes on you this summer with Colour Prevails, exclusively at Walgreens. https://spr.ly/6010BDf1g pic.twitter.com/kGjoChEdbb

Challenged App
@ Challenged
3 days left in the @
Walgreens #
RealCircaBeauty and #
ColourPrevails makeup challenge! Chance to win awesome makeup!! https://bit.ly/Chllgnd

@ Walgreens
The ombré isn’t just for your hair! Create this look on your lashes in 2 easy steps! See how: https://spr.ly/6019B8Yw5 pic.twitter.com/oD3pA0IgTy

@ Walgreens
Happy National Ice Cream Day! Celebrate with your favorite flavor in stores. @
foodprnshare https://spr.ly/6013BDuo7 pic.twitter.com/YpRingdsWm

@ Walgreens
Don’t hold your breath. More rewards are here! Add this perk at https://spr.ly/6012B8ZM4 pic.twitter.com/XhVvBKTpjl

@ Walgreens
Pair natural skin w/ pops of color! Inspired by Alli Marbella & Maybelline! #
walgreensbeauty https://spr.ly/6014BDuIK pic.twitter.com/BrWP0pcN42

@ Walgreens
Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us today. We had a great time learning more about you, and hope you enjoyed it too!

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