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2610 Bay Settlement Rd,
Green Bay, WI 54311

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Tue – Sun. 11:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Mon. Closed

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Man vs Food. California Calzone. Food wins.

Date night with the love of my life! ❤

There’s a first for everything right??

Dinner before heading to the farmers market!

Going for a good Italian dinner!! Garfield mode engaged!!!!!!! „wink“-Emoticon

Yes at two guys from Italy! Err I mean Victoria’s Italian Cuisine in Green Bay! Very good as usual have two meals apiece as leftovers the portions are gigantic! — isst italian mit Rod Kleiber hier: Victoria’s.

Time to go have dinner with and help attempt to calm the nerves of the students taking their NREMT practical tomorrow, but more importantly, catching up with Gary Schultz over dinner too.

Shrimp Frances. Yummy dinner with the family.

It was 2 hours ago and I’m still stuffed! So yummy

Very poor customer service. Brought my office there for dinner last night and it was fairly dead in there. There was a gal on the phone, a bartender and nobody said a word to us. we stood there waiting and waiting for someone to come and seat us. One of my employees walked into the dining area to look for someone to seat us and there was 1 waitress leaning on a pile of napkins and all she said was. just wait so we waited. The gal on the phone continued her conversation and the bartender still completely ignored us. So, we left. We went to A’bravo and had an amazing dinner! I just called to talk to a manager or owner, who was not available, but the guy I spoke with said he heard that a group walked out. He then said that the owner is the only one that seats people, and he was told that is what he was doing. I said, that is not true b/c my employee walked through the dining room and there was nobody but the waitress standing there doing nothing. there were only 2 tables that had people. This is super sad! Victoria’s used to be the best place to go! Now it seems like it is run down restaurant that is fighting to stay alive! Kind of hard to do when customers walk out the door. Mehr anzeigen

This place is amazing, I have never been disappointed. The food is delicious and so is the unlimited warm bread rolls and garlic bread. And the waitstaff seems super friendly and a great help. When we first got there we were sad because it looked busy and we thought we would have to wait a while. We got seated right away and drinks right away and I was extremely surprised at how fast our main dish came out. And they always give you your money’s worth! We always take what’s left home and get another 1 or 2 meals from it. It is an amazing place and I wish i went there more often.

The food is amazing! However, I am continuously disappointed every visit I (attempt) to make. I come from the food industry and I see here is ALOT of false advertising when it comes to the hours and delivery. How are you going to have FREE DELIVERY posted in area’s that doesn’t state ‘business’ only’. I would even be willing to pay a delivery charge but got neglected. I went to order again tonig. ht and they said we’re closed when it states open until nine. (called at 8:30) so yes, huge advertisement issues leading to disappointment. I now (once a regular) rarely attempt to order from here due to service not being reliable or courteous customer serves. I hope my input helps you and your customer serves because I could guarantee this would be one customer +many that would ENJOY coming back. Again, the food is amazing, the general management needs improvement. Mehr anzeigen.

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2610 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54311.
(920) 468-8070

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Jamyi Joi
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Appleton, WI
The Proud Auntie. @ Victorias Italian Cuisine

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I just became the mayor of Victorias Italian Cuisine on @

Chris Froze
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Victorias View translation
Pasta & Pizza (@ Victorias Italian Cuisine) [pic]:

Hannah Hupfer
@ Sunbean102
Im at Victorias Italian Cuisine (Appleton, WI) w/ 2 others

ashley syse.
@ ashh_rae
@JamesJohnIII (@ Victorias Italian Cuisine)

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