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(715) 386-5191


631 Commerce Dr,
Hudson, WI 54016

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Thu – Sun. 10:00 Am – 8:00 Pm

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Located Minutes East of the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro Area. Venture Fireworks is a family tradition here in Hudson Wisconsin. Huge selection and best prices on Aerial Fireworks!
We work in the fun. Do not attempt yourself!
Flying A Drone Through Fireworks May Land You In Prison. This year’s story is probably going to be about drones and fireworks.
Update: The FAA has responded to my request for comment. Fun science experiment for kids!
Fireworks in a Jar – I Can Teach My Child!
Use household ingredients to create fireworks in a jar!
A fun science experiment for kids of all ages that illustrates liquid density. Short snippet of how fireworks work!
Explore the Science Behind Fireworks—and the Galaxy. How do fireworks work? The same way the universe does.
If you’ve ever been to an aerial fireworks show, then you know that fireworks have a magic all their own. Ever wonder how they make such incredible colors and designs? Learn all about these pyrotechnics!
How it’s made: Fireworks edition!
I Didn’t Know That: Fireworks.
What makes fireworks flash the way we like them, and what makes them burst in the sky? Elements that make the colors in fireworks!
From Quarks To Quasars.
It’s a long one, but worth the watch!
The Science of Fireworks!
Turn on your favorite song and then watch! Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks Timelapse. Whether you are looking for sparklers or wantin(…)

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