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The timing is appropriate, as Labor Day is the traditional release date for our limited stock of Extra Aged wheels, which have been selected from the previous summer’s production for the depth and complexity of their flavor, and have been aged at least 15 months. Place an order for Pleasant Ridge Reserve, which also won First Place in its category at the 2010 American Cheese Society We are a family-run dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin, where we use the milk from our grass-fed cows to make an artisan, farmstead cheese called Pleasant Ridge Reserve. We make Pleasant Ridge Reserve only during the summer months, while our cows are grazing on fresh pasture. This milk is full of flavor – and nutritional qualities – not found in the milk of cows kept inside and fed stored feed. We use only fresh milk that is never pasteurized, and age the cheese in ripening rooms on our farm to ensure that our cheese expresses all of the flavor complexity possible in a grass-fed, raw-milk cheese. Uplands Cheese is owned and operated by two families: Mike and Carol Gingrich and Dan and Jeanne Patenaude. We formed Uplands Cheese to produce and distribute a unique cheese that we developed using centuries-old techniques.


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