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Kenosha Medical Ctr

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Intensive Care/Surgery|Rehabilitation Services/CARF|Speech Pathology Services|Social Services|Diagnostic Radiology Services|Post-Op Recovery Room Services|Pharmacy Services|Operating Rooms|Neonatal Nursery Services|Inpatient Surgery Services|Rehabilitation Services/Outpatient|ESWL (Kidney Stone Treatment) Services|Gerontologic Specialty Services|Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs|Clinical Laboratory Services|Coronary Interventions|Cardiac Surgery|Electrophysiology|Vascular Surgery|Joint Replacement|Spine Surgery|Bariatric Surgery|EGD Procedure|Angioplasty|Ultrasound|Arthroscopy|Robotic Surgery|Infusion Therapy|Dietary Services|Wound Care/IP|Gastroenterology|Audiology Services|Chemotherapy|Cardiac Catheterization Lab|Cardiology/Non-Invasive|CT Scan|Emergency Services|Hemodialysis (Dialysis)|Intensive Care/General|MRI (Magnetic Res Imaging)|Neuro-Surgical Services|Nuclear Medicine|Obstetrical Services|Occupational Therapy Services|Radiation Therapy|Dental Services|Oncology Services|Urology|Chiropractic Services|Reconstructive/Plastic Surg|Anesthesia Services|Physical Therapy|PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomo)|Pediatric Services|Outpatient Surgery|Outpatient Services-InHouse|Orthopedic Surgery|Ophthalmologic Services|Open Heart Surgery

United Hospital System, founded in 1903 and located in Kenosha, Wis., offers a wide range of health and clinical services to the community throughout the United States. It provides clinical services, such as home care, intensive and critical care, mental health, nutrition and surgical care. It also offers women s health care services, including mammography, maternity homes and educational classes. The organization offers rehabilitation services to the senior citizens. Its services include physical, occupational, physical, speech and linguistic therapies. The organization provides laboratory services that include mammography, X-ray, blood tests and imaging services. It offers a wide range of surgical treatment, such as thoracic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries. It additionally provides 24-hour medical care and emergency services to the patients.


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united hospital system kenosha medical center campus

United Hospital System provides.
United Hospital System Kenosha Medical Center Campus.
United Hospital System provides services primarily through the Kenosha Medical Center Campus and the St. Catherine’s Medical Center Campus and several other clinic locations.
We, at United, are committed to living out the healing ministries of the Judeo-Christian faiths by providing exceptional and compassionate healthcare services that promote the dignity and well-being of the people we serve, this is our Mission and our reason for being.
We strive to recruit and retain highly qualified and well-trained physicians and staff and purchase the best diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment that our financial resources will permit. We also strive to be accessible to all members of the communities we serve by providing emergent and urgent healthcare needs irrespective of ability to pay. This is our commitment to the fundamental components of quality, accessibility and affordability, which impact the delivery of healthcare. In our efforts to make the best in healthcare available locally to the communities we serve, United Hospital System has built strong relationships with Froedtert and Medical College in Milwaukee. Our Mission is the foundation for the care delivered through our multiple locations.
Hospital was very nice, but this Big Fat Nurse took my blood, while doing so, i told her that it hurts, she said, I could do T(…)

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Kenosha Hospital & Medical Center, Kenosha Medical Ctr Clinic, Kenosha Medical Center Clinic, Kenosha Medical Center, Kenosha Medical Ctr Campus

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