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(651) 735-0910


7150 Valley Creek Plz Suite 210,
Saint Paul, MN 55125

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Total Wine & More in Woodbury, MN is a wine, beer & liquor store. Shop our wide selections of wine, beer & spirits, attend tasting events, classes and get custom recommendations from our experts.


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Mon – Sat. 9:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. Closed

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Total Wine & More. Well lit, very clean store with a vast selection. The staff is very quick to assist and definitely knows the layout which helps you find what you are looking for.
Very good prices and again, great selection!
Great selection and prices nobody, but nobody, can match. Yes, it is a big box, but sometimes you just have to. Store clerk is very rude. He harasses my girlfriend every time she goes in there. Always asking for multiple forms of id even though she has a legitimate id.
One of the best I’ve seen in my travels.
Great prices and good wholesale atmosphere ^.^ definitely will be recommending!

7150 Valley Creek Plaza #210 Woodbury, MN 55125.
(651) 735-0910

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Bloomington Jobs
@ BloomingtonJob
Bloomington #
Jobs Wine Sales Associates – Total Wine & More (Minneapolis, MN): Company DescriptionTotal Wine … http://tinyurl.com/nkjqzsr

Scott Rowe
@ sprowe
Burnsville, MN
Surly Pentagram! Yes sir I will take 3. (@ Total Wine & More in Burnsville, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/aJZKFMllGU7

Ricky L Phillips
@ RickyPhillipsJr
Burnsville, MN
Who is ready for a relaxing Friday night? This guy! #
pizza #
cookies #
wine @ Total Wine & More https://instagram.com/p/13siO7qt2W/

Tim Bednar
@ theskywaysherpa
Roseville, MN
Drinking a Shiner Bock by @
ShinerBeer @ Total Wine & More — http://untp.beer/s/c173944741

Devon Letofsky
@ devonshire9163
Bloomington, MN
Ok. Love this place even more!! They lowered their 1.75L #
NewAmsterdams to $13.99!! (@ Total Wine & More) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/3Wz0faJE1Xu

Jim Toomey
@ jimp2me
Burnsville, MN
Mmmm, tasting.
icon smile(@ Total Wine & More in Burnsville, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/fYKB3IsuIBA

bre laabs
@ brelaabs
Roseville, MN
Is this Heaven? (@ Total Wine & More in Roseville, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/376aHIzG4JN

@ trowdaddy
Bloomington, MN View translation
Wine anyone? @ParsaTweets @
jeeparkk varunkaji @ Total Wine & More – Bloomington https://instagram.com/p/0WWd1KyzJ6/

Chuck Way
@ chuckwayii
Bloomington, MN
Just posted a photo @ Total Wine & More – Bloomington https://instagram.com/p/0OKQ1ul7yO/

Adam Evers
@ adamevers
Roseville, MN
Woah. This place is massive. (@ Total Wine & More in Roseville, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/lT3ILz5ZRm3

Brianna DeFore
@ BriannaD4
Woodbury, MN
I love the people here, so helpful. (@ Total Wine & More in Woodbury, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/4labxKvy8pj

Scott Roiger
@ drinkinteach
Burnsville, MN
Drinking an Empty Rowboat IPA by @
lakemonsterbrew @ Total Wine & More — http://untp.beer/s/c151510487

Sarah BromsArlandson
@ SarahArlandson
Bloomington, MN
I also want everything here. (@ Total Wine & More in Bloomington, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2MZu6o3WyFi

Nicholas Kreidberg
@ niczak
Bloomington, MN
Really impressed with this store. Great layout, selection, and prices. (@ Total Wine & More in Bloomington, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/iZ2zLOVkqZK

Punnavith Koy
@ punnavithkoy
Roseville, MN
Im at Total Wine & More in Roseville, MN https://www.swarmapp.com/c/jOjcZO8SYQo

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Happy #
NationalTequilaDay! If you havent decided what to celebrate with yet, heres a #
MexicanMule recipe to enjoy. pic.twitter.com/7kxBvWMkBW

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
“Up to age forty, eating is beneficial, after forty, drinking.” — The Talmud

Onyx Spirits Company
@ OnyxMoonshine
Meet the #
Moonshiners tonight @
TotalWine in Norwalk, #
CT from 6-8 #
onyxmoonshine #
AdamAndPete pic.twitter.com/YhEyVi8JY2

New York Red Bulls
@ NewYorkRedBulls
Come see Luis Robles at @
totalwine from 5 – 6:30 PM with @
heinekensoccer DETAILS: http://win.gs/1LqE6zn#
RBNY pic.twitter.com/ynotC95LwN

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Have you seen our latest Winery Direct deals lately? Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1OliWR4#
wine #
winedeals pic.twitter.com/iivRrOCCZ7

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Join us this week in our classroom for a blind #
wine tasting class. $20/person. Details: http://bit.ly/Blind-Tasting pic.twitter.com/ySZOw1KldJ

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
This Friday (7/24) is #
NationalTequilaDay. Whos planning on celebrating with us? #
tequila pic.twitter.com/yupeSzgENR

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Total Wine retweeted New York Red Bulls

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Total Wine retweeted the drinks business

S.R. Perrott, Inc.
@ srperrott
Dont miss your opportunity to meet Spike & John Founders, Owners & brewers of @
TerrapinBeerCo Today @
TotalWine #
Daytona Beach 6 p.m. to 8pm

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Today is #
NationalDaiquiriDay! Heres a tasty Strawberry #
Daiquiri recipe to help you celebrate. Cheers! pic.twitter.com/Syx8ij3bqa

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Potomac, MD
Join us this week for our July beer class w/ #
SamuelAdams! Tickets are only $5. Details: http://bit.ly/July-2015-Beer-and-Wine-Classes… pic.twitter.com/P2vDLXPCHN

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Total Wine retweeted the twisted-fork

Lori Haydu
@ Lmhaydu
TotalWine Caymus Cab as always is the best! #

Megan Wood Copello
@ IRun4Wine
Oh my this @
caymuscab is ridiculous – I need a refill (or two). @
TotalWine #
twtasting #
wine pic.twitter.com/nHZw7ZMPav

@ vinoandbites
Had an amazing time #
twtasting @
caymuscab Now time to buy! pic.twitter.com/0Bni2ZFqC8

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Potomac, MD
For any unanswered questions, we’ll do our best to follow up w/ Chuck and family to answer a few more questions on our blog soon! #

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Potomac, MD
Thank you @
caymuscab and the entire Wagner family. Weve truly enjoyed tasting the fruits of your labor! #
twtasting pic.twitter.com/o1vryxDm80

Total Wine
@ TotalWine
Potomac, MD
That’s it for this year’s #
Caymus tasting! Please, everyone give a BIG round of applause to the Wagners! #

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