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Titan Reloading, Hartford, WI. 36,874 likes | 7,332 talking about this | 30 were here. Titan Reloading is an E-Commerce Business that prides itself on. .

Anti-gunners claim that 40% of gun sales don’t go through background checks. That is false.

John Stossel: Since 40% of American households now own guns, anyone who wants to take them away will have a fight on his hands. Has the increased gun ownership and carrying of guns led to more violence? Not at all. I can’t convince my friends in New York City, but it’s just a fact: More guns — less crime.

The NRA is fighting to stop the Obama administration from denying millions of veterans and social security recipients their Second Amendment rights for no other reason than they want assistance in managing their financial affairs. It’s time to put a stop to that kind of abuse. So today, we were proud to support the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act, which includes meaningful steps to fix our broken mental health system and strengthen our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

This latest gun control proposal could result in more law-abiding Americans losing their right to self-defense. Details are still emerging, but this proposal would coerce states to hand over your private medical records to the Federal Government.

There’s a theme throughout the content of The Trace, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-“gun news” service, and it goes something like this: All gun news is bad news. Even when it’s not, The Trace’s mission is to make you think it is.

The Senate’s second most powerful Republican is pitching his own plan to prevent the mentally ill from obtaining firearms — and he’s gotten the National Rifle Association to endorse the measure.

CDH: A gruesome murder in the news today from Florida. Three people found dead in a home with their heads hammered in and their throats slit, arranged ritualistically. The anti-gunners exploit every shooting tragedy they can. Instead, when you see gruesome murders by anything other than a gun, their silence is deafening. . “We cannot allow this to continue to happen!” they say when a shooting happens. Really? I wasn’t aware that every time there was an evil action, we were allowing it to happen. I’d love to stop all murders, rape, child molestation, drunk driving deaths, and a whole hosts of serious evils and tragedies. Why haven’t we decided to stop all of that yet, if it’s just a case of passing a law? – Metal Law

Obama and the left won’t let this one go to waste.

NRA-ILA: A recent Politifact article attempted to fact-check news reports about the Obama Administration’s effort to strip the gun rights of millions of Americans who receive social security and disability benefits who also have a representative payee – someone who handles their finances. Yet Politifact failed to consult the most relevant source of all for their story — federal law — and as a result, they got it wrong. Politifact’s website identifies the writer as a “Politifact intern.”

During a terrorist attack on our military in Chattanooga, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White chose to defend himself and his fellow servicemen. Now the Obama Administration is considering bringing charges against this brave sailor.

Los Angeles Times: Yesterday, the LA City Council unanimously backed new requirements to lock up or disable handguns in the home. NRA Spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said, “So-called safe storage laws have nothing to do with safety, they merely serve as a tool for gun control politicians to disarm law-abiding gun owners.”

Kurt Schlichter, a Los Angeles trial attorney, recently-retired U.S. Army Infantry colonel, and all-around smart guy, has recently penned a nuanced and subtle response to those timid souls who claim that law-abiding American citizens shouldn’t be able to own the sort of firearms they desire. Nah, I’m totally kidding you. Kurt doesn’t do subtle.

If you believe you will ever hear gun control zealots the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts, Dan Gross, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer declare that they’ve secured “just the right amount” of gun control, I’ve got a Barrett M82A1 for sale that can be shot off-hand as easily as a Red Ryder. Never be mistaken. They want it all—everything!

Those Idaho Concealed Carry Fees? That’s The Sheriff’s Rainy Day Slush Fund… But really, it is.

FIREARM REVIEW] Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .40 S&W James walks us through his likes and dislikes about this particular firearm

This man had his concealed carry permit and fought back against armed criminals. Do you think citizens are getting fed up with crime?

Who fact checks the fact checkers?

Guns.com: This spring, the Boy Scouts of America’s Pine Tree Council, which serves 10 counties in central Maine, took possession of a windfall of gear with the help of gun-rights groups and the shooting industry. That equipment is allowing the scouts at Camp William Hinds, a 280-acre facility in the state’s Sebago Lakes Region, to use suppressor-equipped rifles, pistols and shotguns during its week-long summer camps this year.

With his shotgun in hand, this 79-year-old was able to fend off his neighbor who tried to rob his house. Is a shotgun your preferred home defense gun?

Breitbart: An 82-year-old Virginia, grandma is going to arm herself after a stranger broke into her home over the weekend and climbed into her bed. Reba Shook said, “I’m going shopping for a gun. If anybody values their life they won’t climb into my window.”

All you need is a few melted soda cans, some play sand, and, obviously, styrofoam. Watch. Be amazed. And try it for yourself.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is teaming up with another Schumer — actress and comedian Amy — on Monday to push for stricter gun-control laws. The two Schumers are holding a news conference in New York to unveil a new proposal drafted by the senator meant to prevent violent criminals, abusers and those with mental illnesses from obtaining guns.

Campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination Saturday, Gov. Chris Christie said he’ll likely pardon several out-of-staters legally permitted to carry their firearms in their home states who have been recently arrested in New Jersey under the Garden State’s tough gun laws.

Gun-free zones: gun-free for everyone except criminals.

Guns allow the elderly to protect themselves from an attacker. Why do the anti-gunners want to restrict the ability of the elderly to defend themselves?

This Michigan man was arrested after defending himself from an aggressor. If you were ever involved in a defensive gun use, would you know how to handle it?

Excellent customer service and an all around great place to do business. Each time I’ve needed help with any of my order. s Robin is quick to respond. Shipping is always fast and prices are always fair. It does not get better than Titan, period.

I have only ordered from them once or twice so far but after talking to Jeff it is obvious to me that Titan Reloading i. s all about first rate customer service. They know what there are talking about, have good prices and fast shipping. I wish that I would have found them sooner.

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I have purchased several items here from presses to shell holders.
Not only a good product and delivery but a competitive price i found nowhere else. Titan keep up the good work we appreciate you. Great prices and very helpful staff. It’s really helpful to have a brick and mortar store nearby when I need something.
The store was clean and fun to browse around in. My 63 year old dad was like a kid in a candy store. The staff was really helpful and knowledgeable. They weren’t out of stock on anything I needed that day, and all prices were fair.
One thing that confused at first me was that instead of a regular store where they keep stock on the shelves, they have a show room where they display one of each of their in stock products, so when you go to check out, they go into the stockroom and get what you want.
660 Grand Ave Hartford, WI 53027.
(262) 244-7023

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