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Chiropractic Company – Voted TOP PICK for Chiropractors by Milwaukee Magazine. Two time recipient of National Creating Wellness Center of the Year. | Third Ward Milwaukee’s #1 choice for natural, drug-free pain
Dr. Belke is the best. This was the first time that I went to a Chiropractor and it was well worth it.

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    Trinlay K.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    Last summer we were hit by a drunk driver, my car was totaled.

    After a couple В months on pain medication and trips back and forth to see my MD a friend said “Have you tried a chiropractor?”

    So I called my Insurance asking 1) if they’d cover it as part of the treatment for the wreck, & 2) could they refer me to some Chiropractors in my area. В 

    The insurance gave me 3 references for Chiropractors, with phone numbers and other information. В TWC was the ONLY one that called me back in a reasonable time, and one of them never called me back at all!

    I’m still taking the pain medication, but I’m taking it less often. In general, my headaches, neck and back pain from the wreck are getting better, and I’m gradually getting my strength back. В 

    They were also able to help with Physical Therapy to get my knee working right again, and get strength back in my injured knee. В I can again go up and down stairs and walk to do my grocery shopping.

    It will be a long time, if ever, that I’m back to normal, But TWC has helped a lot. В The staff there is also cheerful and friendly, they remember all the clients by name. В When I referred a friend to them, they also remember that he is a friend of mine. В 

    Another bonus: If I should be having a really bad day with the pain, I can just give them a call and they’ll get me in. В  They also take walk ins!

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