The Wolf’s Den



(715) 476-9119


5070 N US Highway 51,
Mercer, WI 54547

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#tftuesday lion
@ GuinnessFox
Rosemount, MN
wulfsige79 it is the only way I could get I to the wolfs den….

Andy Doan
@ AndySzrHands
St Paul, MN
And someone thinks hes coming to the sleepover tonight… #
silly kitty #
zeusthecat @ The Wolfs Den

Boo boo
@ brennanleong
Madison, WI
Tread carefully when entering the wolfs den.

Andy Doan
@ AndySzrHands
St Paul, MN
Theres actually 2 cats on this bed…Lets play, wheres Zeus. #
scardycat #
thunder @ The Wolfs Den

Andy Doan
@ AndySzrHands
St Paul, MN
1st poker nights big wiener!! @
thedoan24 @
thefakebrycelin pieroalon77 @
teedogg22 @ The Wolfs Den

APimpNamed SlickBack
@ cant_catchme23
Platteville, WI
Tbt….he STILL UGLY…This nigga…. @
dshaw6 @ The Wolfs Den

The Wolf
@ untamablewolf
Richfield, MN
Letting #
Jordyn out, changing, waiting for @poolboi41, then volunteering, then #
football (@ The Wolfs Den)

The Wolf
@ untamablewolf
Richfield, MN
Resting before #
football practice! Bring your freakin money to @
mnmachine tonight!! (@ The Wolfs Den)

Also Known As

Wolf’s Den The

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