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7528 Pershing Blvd Ste B,
Kenosha, WI 53142

Pershing Plz

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Pershing Blvd Ste B. Pershing Blvd, Ste B. I REFUSE to use this place again!
They used Spee-dy delivery service, and gave me a tracking #. I explained that it was meal worms and beetles in the package. After seeing through tracking, that the package had been last updated at 8:30am today. I decided to call spee-dy. The guy said well we did nothing wrong, we don’t promise next day. Where as UPS promised me this service. So now I am out an outrageous shipping fee, for a package that will be delivered, that will have dead worms in it. Yet, no one is at fault for this.
Great customer service on both ends.
I will be staying away from both of these companies, and ship it through the regular mail for now on!
Thanks for nothing UPS and Spee-dy. They are arrogant and rude whether you talk on the phone or go there in person. I have gone there several times only because my customer requested I ship through UPS and Racine is out of the way. Each time I go there I am hoping things have changed for the better and nope – still the same. If I have to go through UPS again I will take the drive to Racine. Also, their prices are outrageous and frankly I am surprised they are still in business.
If there was a lower grade I would give it. In and out in less than 2 minutes.
Sadly, I lost a cherished family heirloom jewelry piece while shipping it with UPS. They told us things like We’re sick as hell of dealing with you (direc(…)

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