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The Mosquito Guy, Waukesha, WI. 186 likes | 11 talking about this | 46 were here. Mosquito Protection for Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Find out what factors go into protecting your yard from mosquitoes and other pests.

Don’t let the bug bites get you down! Relieve them with these genius remedies!

We know what you’re thinking. You want to get rid of the pesky bugs in your house, but you don’t want to harm your furry friends in the process. Have no fear! Our applications are completely safe to use around your pets!

Did you know there are certain plants that will help keep the mosquitoes away? Well, it’s true!

It’s time to take back the night!

Do you know how to identify the spiders in your home? And, yes we spray for them!

Watch out for no-see-ums! We understand more than anyone how important it is to have your yard bug free in the summer. Our applications can help protect you from mosquitoes, Japanese beetles, box elders, wasps and Asian beetles but there are tiny flies called no-see-ums that could be lurking in your yard. What are they?. No-see-ums are a weak flying insect part of the midge family that bites below your knee. Size wise they are similar to a period, but can give a powerful bite worse than a mosquito. They usually appear as small red bumps around your ankles and legs and are slow to deflate. While mosquitoes will be in your bushes, evergreens and foliage, no-see-ums will be hanging out above the grass. Is there anything that helps? While the application we put down may help with no-see-ums, they will not protect fully against them. These pests have a tendency to swarm around the grass instead of actually landing in it. Our product kills on contact with the insect so if it never comes in contact, we can’t kill it. But there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from these annoying pests. Limiting your yard use around dusk or dawn because this is their main feeding time is the obvious safest bet. However if you will be using your yard, wearing pants, long sleeves and shoes will help immensely. Applying an insect repellent with 30% DEET or would also be a great help. If you are looking for something more natural there have been studies by Consumer Reports and approved by the CDC that say Repel Lemon Eucalyptus oil is as effective as DEET.

Keeping your garden safe from insects can be a huge battle. We hope these tips can help!

Is camping a family tradition in your household? These tips will help you and your loved ones make the most of your time outdoors.

When your yard is finally mosquito-free, you might want to consider putting in one of these.

The results are in. Here are the top 10 worst bugs for your garden.

They bite, they sting and they can be real problems in your yard. But make sure you know the difference between bees, yellow jackets and their kin. Because they aren’t all bad guys.

It can be scary to get bitten by an unidentified bug. Hopefully this helps you figure out what’s been sinking its teeth into you. Then let us get rid of it for you!

After the rain, mosquitoes can hatch and become a problem all over again. Let us help!

Who’s enjoying your yard this summer? Let’s make sure it’s not those pesky mosquitoes!

Although they’re not harmful to humans, they can be stinky and stain surfaces. They may look like lady bugs, but they’re not the same thing. Beware of the Asian Beetle.

Looking to spruce up your mosquito-free backyard? How about a fire pit?

If you thought we only sprayed for mosquitoes, think again! We also get rid of those annoying Box Elder bugs you find all over your house.

We’ll give you $10 cash back for every new customer you refer to us who signs up for a two application package.

These backyards are too good to be true! Yours can be too – just as soon as you get that bug problem under control!

Great results. Good prices, well worth it. We can really enjoy our deck and extensive gardens without being bothered by nasty mosquitos. Wonderful, prompt and helpful service.

Mike came out gave us a great quote on our acre of land. They were here on Thursday and by last night we have NO MOSQUIT. OS!!!! None! Looking forward to enjoying our yard and vegetable gardens now! Thanks guys! Great work!!.

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