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(414) 287-9900


1801 E. North Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Drive by today and try one of our famous mini-donuts made fresh to order!And if you’re in the mood for other snack foods, our tasty Sloppy Joes, Bagels and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs can satisfy your appetite in a big way!

Drive by today and try one of our famous mini-donuts made fresh to order!And if you’re in the mood for other snack foods, our tasty Sloppy Joes, Bagels and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs can satisfy your appetite in a big way!


Cash, All Major Credit Cards

Open Hours

Mon – Sun. 11:00 Am – 12:00 Am

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‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬ ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ – We’ve got all your favorites! Sundaes, Hot Pretzels, Sloppy Joe’s, Chicago Style Hot Dogs and so much more! OPEN EARLY, OPEN LATE!

Bagels & Coffee, Muffins, Donuts, Breakfast Sandwiches and much more! Join us for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or just a snack! OPEN EARLY, OPEN LATE!

Get your fresh, made to order Mini Donuts anytime of the day at ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬! ‪#‎Summer‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Donuts‬ ‪#‎Milwaukee‬

Ahh Cold Refreshments and a treat! Come to ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ for something delicious!

ChubbysDriveThru‬ where you’ll always find something delicious!

Fresh, Made to order ‪#‎MiniDonuts‬! ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬

Come to ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ 1801 E North Ave ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬! Enjoy our outdoor patio, delicious food and snacks! OPEN EARLY, OPEN LATE!

OPEN EARLY, Serving the best Coffee and ‪#‎Breakfast‬ for your morning commute to work! ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬

You know you want some! Sundae with our famous mini donuts! DELICIOUS!! Chubbys – The Drive Thru ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬ Enjoy our patio anytime!

Pick up some of our Famous Mini Donuts! Made to order, hot and fresh! DELICIOUS! Chubbys – The Drive Thru

Think ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ for Breakfast this morning! We’ve got hot Breakfast Sandwiches, Bagels & Cream Cheese, Muffins, Donuts, Coffee and more!

Hot & Fresh! Made to order! Pick up some of our Famous Mini Donuts today! ‪#‎ChubbysDriveThru‬ ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬

Our Milkshakes are out of this world! Stop by anytime to try one!

Happy ‪#‎4thOfJuly‬! We’re OPEN LATE! ‪#‎Milwaukee‬’s ‪#‎Eastside‬

Delicious! Can never get sick of the mini donuts! Love the new smoothies and breakfast sandwiches!.

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mini donuts milwaukee image image image

Milwaukee’s Famous Mini Donuts, Sloppy Joe’s & More. If you’re looking for the Best Mini Donuts in Milwaukee you gotta stop by ‘The Drive Thru’. It’s a great little spot with a lot to offer from sloppy joes, alterra coffee, bagels, specialty snacks and more. The Drive Thru is ‘The Spot To Go’ for Mini Donuts in Milwaukee.

(414) 287-9900

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@ 1975kayIa
my moms boss called her while we were in the drive thru of starbucks and she was like: shh be quiet I need to pretend like Im at work

Basto Slice
@ BastoSlice
There were people posing for pictures in front of a McDonalds…in the middle of the drive thru lane..murica

Wendy Marie
@ MarieX0X0
People be coming out the cut in the drive thru like hey whatsup hello. Lmooo

Rachel Schlachter
@ raychill_schlac
Just paid it forward at the drive-thru! Thanks to the car who paid for us and I hope they keep it going! I love this world!

@ Ajmarshh
Lady at the drive thru window asked me if I wanted a free baja blast freeze. I looked her right in the eye and said yes

John Swardson
@ JSilverdust
The drive thru speaker at my Arbys is on the fritz. Youve got to yell like youre lost in the woods.

chad franzen
@ chadwx77
I have to admit, I dont think I would be all too pleased if someone did this with my car. Then again, as someone… http://fb.me/6CMb7MBzm

chad franzen
@ chadwx77
Drop your car off to get fixed, & then see it show up at business? Yup, that happened to this #
TacoBell employeehttp://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/07/10/taco-bell-manager-gets-a-big-surprise-at-the-drive-thru-after-leaving-his-car-with-mechanics-just-hours-earlier/…

Eugene Kane
@ eugene_kane
Eugene Kane retweeted Chicago Sun-Times

@ KWOOD_91
Neenah, WI
I dont think Ive ever had that bad of an experience at Starbucks ever..literally the manager screaming at me through the drive thru

Tillie Hayes
@ HayesTillie
S/O to tbell for the free cinnamon twists and the sauces thrown at me threw the drive thru

Michael Simmons
@ michaeIsimmons
I once watched a documentary about the bad things they put in McNuggets. I then got up and drive straight to the drive-thru for 20 piece.

kenZ caldwell
@ KenzieLyn31
When ppl sit there and stare at the McDonalds menu in the drive thru.. Like do you really not know the McDonalds menu by heart???

@ cbmariaortiz
KELCBiiTCH i was barred af and went there the other night and started crying at the drive thru because my tacos had tomatoes on them

Paula Reed Nancarrow
@ prnancarrow
RT @
RHTDaly: Trouble at the drive-thru http://ruthdalyauthor.blogspot.com/2015/04/trouble-at-drive-thru.html… #
tuesdayshares #

Robert Dugar
Racine, WI
Apple Pay in the drive-thru. Haha now to wait for the day that they drop my phone.

Killie Navarre
@ Killy_xx
The drive thru chick at Arbys just called me hun three times in a row I wonder if she can taste my saltiness

Hannah Bostwick
@ Hannah_Bostwick
I just pulled up to the drive thru at Burger King and asked for a Butter Burger. That must be some kind of sin.

Trevor Strine
@ plumptydumpty97
B_Johnson27 your mom is in the drive thru right now

Daniel Klingelhoets
@ dklingelhoets
Milwaukee, WI
Because getting donuts two nights in a row warrants a selfie…. @ Chubbys – The Drive Thru https://instagram.com/p/5QpsUUIuC-/

phil up
@ philllupmycup
happy birthday @
KULL_story_bro hope you enjoy your first day being 20!! miss you!

phil up
@ philllupmycup
phil up retweeted Ali Irvin

phil up
@ philllupmycup
Michael just said the Wheeling Italian Fest was the time of year for the Wheeling Greasers to come out of the Woodwork

phil up
@ philllupmycup
late night thoughts keep me up this late

phil up
@ philllupmycup
Congrats @
Itz_DaMassey on your title! Im glad I got to be the escort for the Queen of Queens

phil up
@ philllupmycup
cool avi!!! @

phil up
@ philllupmycup
HitTheQuan yall cant do it like me pic.twitter.com/gQTyvSMmwy

phil up
@ philllupmycup
That person who always gets caught while playing Ding Dong Ditch #
run (w/ @_tristansmit… (Vine by @
Lance210) https://vine.co/v/egaH6hznIrM

phil up
@ philllupmycup
when school starts again having to wake up at 6:30 and not 12:30 is gonna suuuuuck

phil up
@ philllupmycup
I had a dream that @
emmmmilyyy_ let me use last years reading logs……. foreshadowing????????

phil up
@ philllupmycup
Sarah Miranda, everybody pic.twitter.com/yvxsDtS8Hs

phil up
@ philllupmycup
I bet @

phil up
@ philllupmycup
Italian Fest Recap:A bunch of loud drunk people who smell like shit and trying to make your way through a crowd with no space whatsoever

phil up
@ philllupmycup
The Italian Festival was straight

Danielle Kaminski
@ dkaamm
Danielle Kaminski retweeted Girl Notes♔

phil up
@ philllupmycup
Betsy just sent me a post GSA crying selfie
icon sad

phil up
@ philllupmycup
waitress is named Jaleasha

phil up
@ philllupmycup
I am thankful for Red Robin

phil up
@ philllupmycup
queen of queens too turnt rn

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