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The Divine Spa, Marshfield, WI. 387 likes | 118 were here. “An Oasis in the City”.

Attention clients~ I have had the pleasure of growing my practice over a decade. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life in that course. I feel I need to make a few changes in my practice ,to better serve my clients. I am sorry for any inconvenience. If you need to contact me, please call the mainline at 715-384-7511,or my cell at 715-207-2004. As of October 1st, to better serve My amazing clients. . *I will not be accepting new clients. -Which includes gift certificates, for a new client. *I will also be enforcing payment for missed appointments,that give no notice. *I will be raising my massage rates.(I will post later) ~if you have already made an appointment, or an arrangement with me, it will still be honored. ~This does not affect Dianne’s prices,she is an independent business. Thanks again!! Kristin Rekis Green The Divine Spa

Apparently it is “Happy Report Friday!” After coming in for an Oil Evaluation and learning about the power of Essential Oils two months ago, a client has weaned herself from 4 medications for depression and anxiety down to 1, and she feels great. Thank the Good Lord above!!

The oils of the Raindrop Technique: Valor: Balances the electrical system of the body. Thyme: Highly antiseptic. May be beneficial in overcoming fatigue and exhaustion. Oregano: Stimulates immune system, balances metabolism Wintergreen: Helps relieve bone, muscle and joint discomfort. Cypress: Supports the circulatory system. Peppermint: Soothes digestion and respiratory systems Basil: Anti-spasmotic, relaxing to even the smooth muscles like the heart and digestive systems Marjoram: Relieves spasms, calms nerves, antiseptic Aroma-Siez: A blend of oils designed to relax, calm and relieve tight, sore, tired and aching muscles. Call or text Dianne for an appointment today. 715-383-4453 Come and “get dropped” with 100 drops of these amazing compounds, and add an Essential Oil Evaluation as your healthful summer treat! Your body will love you for it!

More amazing information about those oils we love so much at the Divine!

I just received a call from my sister. It seems my 14 year old nephew had a bit too much fun in the sun, and he had a nasty burn on his back. My sister decided to do a little experiment on her son. (Is that wrong??) She had her personal essential oil blend, and some blue colored aloe vera gel from the store available. She put the oil blend on one side of his back, and the gel on the other. He was unaware of the experiment. (Again. is that wrong??) She asked him sh. ortly after the application if there was a side that felt better. My sister confessed to the experiment. Perhaps being slightly skeptical of Aunt Dianne’s potions, he insisted that the blue gel side was completely without pain! Ahhh – but he was wrong!!! It was the oil side – and, “Could you please put some of that oil on the other side?” Give a shout to us here at the Divine and get an Essential Oil Evaluation. Perhaps you will learn how stock your family’s medicine cabinet with Essential Oils, and not with chemicals! Dianne’s number is: 715-383-4453

New baby momma, Hannah, just got “dropped” this morning with some delightful, healthful, essential oils! She is relaxed, smiling, looking and feeling great! We love happy, healthy mommas!

Congratulations goes out to Linda Knutson Peterson,she answered today’s final trivia question the fastest!! Linda has won. ~An Essential Oil Evaluation with Dianne our aromatherapist!! A $30. Value!!. Thanks again to everyone for playing this past month,it’s been fun!!

I’m sorry guys,my question of the day ended up being too complicated. I will submit my question tomorrow,April 1st,. .and that is not an April emoticon Sorry,I’m just trying to be fair!

Congratulations goes out to Bonnie-Lenny Zawislan Who answered our trivia question of the day the fastest! The prize of the day is. . ~A 45 minute massage!!!! A $45. Value!!!. Thanks again for playing! & have a great night!

Diane gives “heavenly” raindrop messages and excellent information on essential oils!.

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