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1700 Sand Acres Dr Ste 2,
De Pere, WI 54115

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Tue. 10:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
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The Cosmetic Laser Center. 461 likes. We provide corrective clinical skin care for the most difficult skin conditions and preventative care to prolong. .

Under Arm Hair Removal $75 per treatment or a package of 6 for $300

Our tattoo removal guarantee is the best in the business. Our trained technicians know removal like no other and will work with you so you fully understand what it takes to successfully remove your unwanted ink.

There’s no magic pill to reverse skin aging, but we have many treatments to help your skin be the best it can be that are medically approved. Come in and see us about results that work, we’ve got 9 clinics to serve you in Wisconsin.

Are you a baby boomer who is rethinking that tattoo from your misspent youth? You’re not alone. The amount of people seeking tattoo removal that are 65 and older is on the rise. No matter what your age, we can help with safe and effective tattoo removal.

People are talking about our clinic! Real-life customers speak about their experiences on the variety of services that we offer.

One of the worst offenders of skin aging is smoking. Quitting helps improve your teeth, gums, skin color and texture. When you kick the habit we can help with those fine lines and wrinkles!

Did you know we have 9 locations in Wisconsin to serve your skin care needs? No matter what part of the state you are in, one of our physician directed clinics is near you!

Decisions made early in your life don’t have to affect the rest of your life. More millennials than ever are seeking tattoo removal, and we do it safely! Call today for a free consultation!

Spending Memorial Day in the sun? Don’t forget the sunscreen! Experts say that 80-90% of premature skin aging is caused by sun damage.

Does summer weather have you down because you don’t want anyone to see your leg veins? We want to help. Our specialist can help you understand what causes leg veins and how we can help with our pulsed dye laser. Our treatment will leave you with younger looking legs!

Genetics, yo-yo dieting and age can all be a factor on how severe stretch marks can be. Diminishing the severity of your stretch marks is possible and we can help with our Fractional Resurfacing Procedure. Contact us today to star, t feeling better in your skin.

Can eating right reverse the signs of aging on our skin? While it can help, nature needs some help replenishing diminishing collagen and elasticity. We’ve got three options for you! Ask about our IPL Photorejuventation, Fractional Resurfacing or Endy MED Deep Pro 3 services to and we’ll help you determine which one is right for you!

Are your wardrobe choices based on your regretful tattoo? Shed the sleeves and learn how laser tattoo removal at the Cosmetic Laser Center can change the way you feel about yourself.

Is the fact that summer is coming got you down about your noticeable skin damage? We have many solutions for you at Cosmetic Laser Center to restore your youthful glow with less downtime than you might think and practical solutions to get you back outside!

Past 30 and noticing changes in your skin tone and elasticity? Here are 4 things you can do right now to help slow down the signs of aging for your skin. We want to help you find the right solution at Cosmetic Laser Center.

Considering laser hair removal, tattoo removal or an anti-aging procedure from the Cosmetic Laser Center? Check out what some of our current and past clients have to say.

Now that there has been a glimpse of summer, it’s time to think about silky smooth summer skin. There are lots of approaches for a hair free lifestyle and if you feel as though this is the right choice for you contact one of our licensed technicians today!

As we age our skin is prone to wrinkle and sometimes form age spots. With IPL Photo Rejuvenation, those lines can be reversed within a few procedures. Contact the Cosmetic Laser Center today to learn more.

Faster isn’t always better, especially in regards to the picosure laser. Check out this lady’s review on why she switched from the picosure laser to the Cosmetic Laser Center for her tattoo removal.

Very Professional. I had an appointment with another place, but a friend of mine recommended me switching as she was ha. ppy with the removal she had done. So far, (3 treatments in), I have been very glad I made the switch. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable. He uses professional equipment and you can tell he has a lot of experience with removing tattoos which you can feel more comfortable about being scar-free. I plan on using Aaron and The Cosmetic Laser Center to remove my final tattoo when this one he is currently working on is finished. Thanks Aaron.

Aaron & Cherie are so friendly and accomodating. I just had my last session of laser tattoo removal. I have no scarring. or skin discoloration and my tattoo was hardly visible even before this last session. Aaron always keeps me well informed of what to expect and Cherie is so organized and always gives reminders and confirms appointment times etc. Great team, great services.

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The State of the Art in Beauty. The Cosmetic Laser Center.
The Cosmetic Laser Center loves all skin!
Call today for an appointment to talk about your skin health.. Did you know that starting the Laser Hair Removal process is best done in winter? Call the Cosmetic Laser Center for a free consultation at one of our 9 Wisconsin locations!
Have questions about laser hair removal? We guarantee our work and have the best prices in the state. Call us today for a free consultation at one of our 9 Wisconsin locations.. Have you tried any facial oils? Tell us what you think!
Get Better Skin With This Unexpected Moisturizing Method.
Dry skin will always play a role in my life — through eczema, allergic reactions and heat bumps, my body has encountered some tough, dehydrating times.
So, as a new New Yorker, of course my face wanted to punch itself because of the harsh wind and c. Let us do a fix up that will make you happy with your ink! Your skin issues don’t have to be permanent!
Fractional resurfacing can change your skin…and your life!
Contouring can be taken too far, but this is a nice visual guide on where you should lighten & darken. Anderson Cosmetic & Vein Institute. Have questions about laser hair removal or tattoo removal? It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month!
Ways to Protect Your Skin. We’re happy to help!
The Good-Skin Diet: 10 Foods for Healthier Skin. As beauty products get more(…)

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The Cosmetic Laser Center (inside Haven Salon & Spa)

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