Taylor & Dunn’s Public House




(262) 242-8030


10365 N Cedarburg Rd,
Mequon, WI 53092

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Taylor & Dunn s Public House offers a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in Mequon, Wis., it is a full-service, family-style restaurant that provides a range of specialties, such as buffalo bites, Reuben eggrolls, chicken fingers, home-cut French fries, battered onion rings, hummus pecan-crusted spinach dips. It also offers a range of soups, including chili and potato leek soup. The restaurant also offers a range of salads, such as mashed grilled salmon, spinach, roasted veggie, shrimp and dinner salads. It also offers a variety of sandwiches, such as bratwurst melt, steak, chicken, grilled cheese and pork chop sandwiches. In addition, it provides various beverages and desserts, including cakes, pies and sundaes.

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@ cfwhitney
Mequon, WI
Best corned beef in Milwaukee. (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) https://4sq.com/1u3qiOb pic.twitter.com/16oUIsh4lh

Matthew Robinson
@ MDRobinson
Mequon, WI
Black and tans to conclude the trip… Home tomorrow… @ Taylor & Dunns Public House https://instagram.com/p/nJmeT4AQxV/

ryan murray
@ RyanMKE
Mequon, WI
Im at Taylor & Dunns Public House (Mequon, WI) https://4sq.com/1oKAMVa

@ corneh
Mequon, WI
hungy (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) https://4sq.com/1gAh0FQ

Katie Heuer
@ kateelizabeth19
Mequon, WI
Happy Bday to my Gma GG!! #
chaos (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) [pic]: https://4sq.com/1l9Qqqs

Hayley Plank
@ hplank21
Mequon, WI
Getting @
rhsherling some good wi beer. (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) https://4sq.com/Kh03UI

@ PKTirish
Mequon, WI
Drinking a Guinness Draught by @
GuinnessIreland @ Taylor & Dunns Public House — https://untp.it/1ftPo2T

Mike Steele
@ mdsteele47
Mequon, WI
Drinking a Bass Pale Ale by Bass Brewers (ABInBev) @ Taylor & Dunns Public House — https://untp.it/1aXpPb6

Luke Stark
@ lukesaysmoo
Taylor & Dunns Public House
Reduced fish fry menu on Friday. Ugh. Stupid Wisconsin. (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) https://4sq.com/11JzbAL

Nathan R Hudson
@ gr8n8tr0n
Taylor & Dunns Public House
Happy st pattys day (@ Taylor & Dunns Public House) https://4sq.com/Z7Yojr

Moe Mansfield
@ moedesign7
Mequon, WI
Who wants a mustache ride?! @ Taylor & Dunns Public House https://instagr.am/p/W9-HGRtDal/

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