Taco & Burrito Express


(815) 344-8215


516 S Il Route 31,
McHenry, IL 60050

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Stick my beef in your taco

With my aunt Jill Bruno and Family than movies after

Hay ke comer nuestros sagrados alimentos.

Having lunch with the girls from work. missing my quesadilla queen Salena Rivera

Waiting and waiting and waiting!!! To get some tacos for my amorcito! Ay ay ay!

Gonna taste so good yet be so bad. .love this place

Have to try the bacon and steak burrito!

Love this place! The food is so good!.

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Matt Munley
@ kairex
Mundelein, IL
Im at Taco & Burrito Express (Mundelein, IL) https://www.swarmapp.com/kairex/checkin/539a51c6498ea6c943cdaae6?s=g_5mVYVOmdDjEwU0696WfTmDMeM&ref=tw…

Chocolate Zang
@ JoePSena
Taco & Burrito Express
Watchu know bout that (@ Taco & Burrito Express) [pic]: https://4sq.com/ZwsKRZ

that guy
@ BackStage_1
Island Lake, IL
Drinking a Victoria by @
Grupo_Modelo @ Armandos Taco & Burrito Express — https://untp.it/YSqkZV #

Peter Matsi
@ peter_matsi
Taco & Burrito Express
I just ousted Doug Z. as the mayor of Taco & Burrito Express on @
foursquare! https://4sq.com/bQQGdv

that guy
@ BackStage_1
Island Lake, IL View translation
Tamales (@ Armandos Taco & Burrito Express) https://4sq.com/TRufWl

Jose Ivan Vasquez
@ little_Monst3r
Mundelein, IL
Throwback Thursday with @katheyyy21 =] @ Taco & Burrito Express https://instagr.am/p/PiBCg0M1tt/

Azor Ahai
@ SJKirby5
Taco & Burrito Express
Victory dinner w/ @jackgeorge22 (@ Taco & Burrito Express) https://4sq.com/xkB1PN

Steve Woodruff
@ sjwoodr
Taco & Burrito Express
Last of the goodbye lunches… At the blue shack! #
byemoto (@ Taco & Burrito Express) [pic]: https://4sq.com/fluofi

Also Known As

Taco And Burrito Express

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