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(414) 489-0425

(414) 502-9489


2151 S Robinson Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Located one block west of KK just south of Becher

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Sweet Water Organics is an urban farm located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee that has re-purposed unused industrial building space; using aquaponics to grow fresh, safe produce and fish for local Milwaukee residents, restaurants and groceries. We strive to become a resource for job creation and use of urban settings.


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Open Hours

Mon. 1:00 Pm – 7:00 Pm
Tue – Wed. 4:00 Pm – 7:00 Pm
Fri. 4:00 Pm – 7:00 Pm
Sat. 10:00 Am – 1:00 Pm
Sun. 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm
Thu. Closed

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Highly recommend getting a few of their fresh fish to filet and cook at home. They have a wonderful operation going on there!
Should have thrown more love their way folks, they are now definitely out of business.
The farm is being disassembled and the used lumber sold off. Paul just Paul their store was never open late enough and they were way over priced.
That’s why many never went back.
The tour was eye-opening, thought provoking, and I feel inspired to support this organization. In the re-circulating systems, the fish waste acts as natural fertilizer for plant growth and the plants act as a water filter.
Our current vegetation includes various lettuces and baby greens, basil, watercress, tomatoes, peppers, chard, and spinach. Our fish are perch and tilapia. You will see our commercial scale aquaponic systems, learn about our worms and compost, and hear how everything comes together.
Tours take approximately one hour and questions are welcome.
2151 S Robinson Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207.
(414) 489-0425

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