Sunset Motel



(715) 229-4639


713 E 3rd St,
Owen, WI 54460

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713 E 3rd St Owen, WI 54460.
(715) 229-4639

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Kelly Taylor
@ kt_funeralguy
Lake City, MN
Chillin after party @
sunset motel!

Katie Smith
@ katiersmith11
First time this guy has celebrated the 4th of July. Think hes enjoying it! #
sparklers @ Sunset Motel…

Gyan H
@ gyanlh
Lake City, MN
Finally! I could have done this the whole time. Sunset Motel. @ City Of Lake City

Sunset Motel
@ SunsetMotel
Hosted many IBO guys this weekend and thrilled to have more find us next year – book early!

Sunset Motel
@ SunsetMotel
Come meet the new staff: Linda, Casey and Irene are all ready for the summer crush so please join us.

Sunset Motel
@ SunsetMotel
Wait til you see us and the updates! New doors and windows! The fish cleaning station is already in use (just take the guts with you).

Sunset Motel
@ SunsetMotel
Entertaining IBO (archery) shooters next weekend. Waiting for lake to warm up and get the walleye in from the western lake

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