(715) 342-1438


201 West Clark Schierl Sales Corp,
Stevens Point, WI 54481

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Open Hours

Mon – Fri. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sat. 8:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

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Their toilet paper cut my butthole.
201 W Clark St Stevens Point, WI 54481.
(715) 342-1438

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L. Curtis Muldrew
@ curtismuldrew
Subway Teams Up With PayPal On Mobile Payments #
tech #
socialmedia |

vanessa ॐ
@ vnessssaaa
I can be the new Subway guy

@ __Hype___
Subway is the best after some soccer.

MSP Film Society
@ MSPFilmSociety
TuesdayDocs: Meet the man behind NYCs @
MTA subway announcements via @

Tyler Flight Uttech
@ tuttechboii
*daughter orders a footlong from subway*Dad: whore

Mass Transit
@ MassTransitmag
Romantic #
subway story will make you reconsider your morning commute… via @

Breaking Kayfabe
@ MyNig
Y.. yes, actually. RT @
BaldNegro: Comparing Publix subs to Subway is like comparing Jesus to Ray J.

Paul Fletcher
@ PaulFletcher97
Major props to the @
Subway at the West End. There once to twice a week. They always remember my order #
impressive #

@ Abby_Dorolek
Wauconda, IL
That very uncomfy moment when ur in subway and then ur boss walks in and sits at ur table. #

Dries Allaert
@ 3_esse
Nothing, just hanging out on the Oslo subway.#

J.K. Callaway
@ jkCallawayYAY
ItsFunnyWhenI cover my naked body in honey and try to give strangers hugs on the subway! I call it Slickin @

@ falenkdwb
Lunch with this babe! @

Erin Campbell
@ OriginalOestrus
Like, hey Alanis, Im glad you love India enough to be on a subway naked. But can you go back to giving head in movie theaters, kthx.

Miranda | pcd
icon sad

Bailey Adams
@ baileylynnadams
What if the Subway workers were nice like they show on commercials?

the wheel ☕️
@ M_Burm
Forever feeling sorry for the girl who made my Subway sandwich today… Her name is Duff.

Lee Robinson III
@ Leonard123YGB
This chick at Subway just told me I was cute but she looks like Tony Hawk so it wasnt really a compliment

Howard Fuller
@ HowardLFuller
The @
MKEcollegiate crew getting ready to hop on subway.

Dave Ryan
@ daveryankdwb
Oh yeahhhhh. @

Eric Larkey
@ shvlhead75
Wonder Lake, IL
Im at @
Subway in Wonder Lake, IL

@ AlJa3bari_Hanin
Im Number One Wohoooo Finally
icon biggrin! @
SubwaySurf #

Christian Cusnir
@ ChristianKusnir
I got over a million in @
SubwaySurf YAY

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
New Christmas Version1.5.0 is out go and download it now!(Apple)…(Android)…

Francisco J. Andaur
@ fraciscv
Photo: #
subwaysurfers @
hassenpheffr No hasi!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Tell us your highest score. We will retweet the highest score, and you can try and beat it!

@ KaySoGorgeous_
Just got this game and im already hooked on playin it!! #

Doha ✨
@ doha_ghamri

Brian Román Abbott
@ Brian_Roman
View translation
Chantii19 @
subwaysurf queloque con ese record mio

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Subway surfers is a great game retweet if you AGREE!!

Ubertec Ltd
@ ubertec
A friendly staff iOS competition is going down at Übertec. @
subwaysurf with a current high score of 2,003,100 whats your high score?

Indra pangestu
@ indrapangestu05
Kramat Jati, DKI Jakarta
My new record @

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Check your mail if you participated in the t-shirt contest!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Tell us whos youre favorite character!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Retweet if you play on IPhone!Mention us if you play on Android!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Who still remember our main characters ?

Dariam M.
@ itsdariam
Dang!!! My new high score #
subwaysurfers @
subwaysurf. Time for bed!!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Subway Surfers update is out now! Ready, set, GO GET IT! Lots of new missions, characters, rewards, lots of everything – enjoy!

Subway Surfers
@ subwaysurf
Subway surfers came out yesterday on android go check it out tell your friends!

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