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Fraziers Snow Removal & Plowing. 17 likes. Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing.

More snow is predicted this weekend. Do you need help removing the snow? Call 262-886-3311.

We’ve been lucky missing the snow which has been hitting areas north of Milwaukee. But the winds are still here. At least we don’t have to shovel wind, LOL. Happy Spring!

Is winter really over? Fraziers Snow Removal & Plowing is still available, just in case we get any more snow. If you are unhappy with your snow removal company, we would be glad to discuss using our services next season.

If you think we have had a lot of snow this year, it is even worse in Chicago.

The Racine & Kenosha areas really got hit with the latest storm today. If you need help removing it, please call Fraziers Snow Removal & Plowing at 262-886-3311. Best to remove before we get hit again. Winter doesn’t seem to end.

Are you prepared to shovel more snow tomorrow? Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal can help, 262-886-3311.

Yes, we have had a lot of snow this season. If you are tired of shoveling snow, please give us a call at Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal, 262-886-3311. Residential & Commercial.

Are you tired of shoveling snow yet? We can help at Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal, 262-886-3311. Residential & Commercial.

Bummer. Need help from all the shoveling, contact Frasier’s Snow Plowing and Removal, 262-886-3311.

MORE SNOW predicted for tomorrow (Monday). Please give Fraziers Snow Plowing & Snow Removal a call at 262-886-3311 if you would like help removing it.

If this winter weather is making you depressed, stop by Fraziers Sturtevant Motors for a little winter weather therapy from our dog, Mac. And if you need some help removing snow, call us at 262-886-3311.

Have you seen our Frazier Sturtevant Motors commercial yet at the Marcus Cinema Theater in Sturtevant?

Racine & Kenosha really got hit with snow, 3 – 7 inches. If you need help getting rid of it, please call 262-886-3311. Please forward this message to your friends that may need help.

Looks like the Racine/Kenosha area is really getting hit hard with snow. If you need help with snow removal & plowing, call Frazier’s Sturtevant Motors Sturtevant at 262-886-3311

We are going to get hit with ANOTHER snow storm Saturday, could be a big one with over 6″ for those of us in the Kenosha/Racine area. Be prepared, call Fraziers Snow Plowing Removal, 262-886-3311. We could get another snowfall on Tuesday, too.

Are you tired of shoveling all this snow? More on the way. Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal can help, 262-886-3311.

More snow & more accidents today. Do you need some help with snow removal? Call Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal, 262-886-3311.

Mac the Talking Dog will make his big screen debut for Frazier’s Sturtevant Motors Sturtevant next week at the Marcus Renaissance Cinema! Click for a sneak preview!

More snow on the way, today & especially Saturday. Do you need some help getting rid of it? Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal can help, 262-886-3311.

Good reason to keep your walkways clear, even your pets will appreciate it!

Need some help with all the snow? Call us, Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal at 262-886-3311!

And the lake effect snow keeps coming. We have 8 inches so far near the lakefront, but could still get several more inches tonight & tomorrow. If you need assistance with getting rid of it, Fraziers Snow Plowing & Removal can help, 262-886-3311.

We have bought vehicles from you, as well as brought vehicles to you for repairs. You have always given the best price’s. for the repairs we have had done. It is nice to have been associated with your business over the years. You have kept our vehicles safe for our family, and we really appreciate it.

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sturtevant motors

Used Car Dealer, Auto Repair Shop. Do not buy a vehicle a this God -awful place as the man who owns the place is beyond a crook, and he looks crook one when one look at him, and you can tell the man isn’t honest. He knowingly sells junky vehicles, and won’t tell buyers the things wrong with the vehicles.
Someone I know bought a van barely able to run, and every other thing within the vehicle is defective, including the driver door that had to be pushed to open, the muffler having a small hole, one sliding door for the backseat not working, the brakes being somewhat weak, and he also illegally removed the check engine lights.
If one were to dare confront him on at the business, with security cameras, he will call the police. He will rip you off, and very illegally in the process!

9200 Durand Ave Sturtevant, WI 53177.
(262) 886-3311

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