(715) 345-5068


32 Park Ridge Dr,
Stevens Point, WI 54481

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Getting snacks! That’s some fat shit,huh?.

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32 Park Ridge Dr Stevens Point, WI 54481.
(715) 345-5068

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Dairy Queen
@ DairyQueen
Only two days left until #
MiracleTreatDay! Plan your visit- find a participating DQ store at

Aaron R. Brown
@ AaronRBr
So I guess 50 Cent is doing a bottle signing right now at a grocery store in the town next from me until 2pm. What a time to be alive.

Milwaukee Buzz
@ milwaukee_buzz
Rapper 50 Cent to appear at Oak Creek store Wednesday: Rapper 50 Cent will make an appearance Wednesday afternoon…

Ken Larson
@ Smalltofeds
In-Store WiFi for Retail Outlets…

@ jennallard
Ive taken $5 off of the last few items!! The store will be closing in few hours

Organic Valley
@ OrganicValley
You can use our product locator,, to search for more stores in the area that carry it. Let us know if we can help!

@ Olivia_woj
losing your mom in the grocery store without contact lenses is a whole nother ball game

Christian Alfoni
@ christianalfoni
I decided to create a video taking a deep dive into Cerebral using #
react and immutable-store.…. Get some coffee
icon smile

Eau Claire Police
@ EauClairePD
Time to take the next step Followers. Watch us LIVE on #

@ harleydavidson
Whats going on @
SturgisRally? Apple – Android –

Tale of Tales
@ taleoftales
Sunset can now be played in Russian on @

Arcs Value Village
@ ArcValueVillage
Thank you @
MNLifeCollege for a great day of volunteering at our Bloomington thrift store! #

@ harleydavidson
Plan a #
Sturgis day ride. DL the H-D App here: Apple – Android –

@ harleydavidson
Want to explore @
SturgisRally? DL the H-D App: Apple – Android –

J.R. Salzman
@ jrsalzman
Real men dont hunt. Actually, real men arent pansy beta males who think food comes wrapped in plastic at a grocery store.

Jason Wilde
@ jasonjwilde
Looks like @
PrimeTimePhil may have found #
Packers 2015 third unis on @
Nike website.…

Fantasy Flight Games
@ FFGames
What does Wave VII hold in store for the Scum and Villainy of X-Wing™?…

Dairy Queen
@ DairyQueen
On Thursday, your red spoon is a symbol of hope. Visit to find your DQ store. #

Amiibo News
@ AmiiboNews
Amiibo News retweeted Nintendo World Store

The Main Level
@ TheMainLevel
Hi! A couple of signed my girl posters are now available in the store again:-) We are picking up more in Oslo.
@ eatin_n_streets
Minneapolis, MN
HipHop Commercial Free #
GooglePlay #
Google #

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Excited to see @
kelly_clarkson at the Sony Store. Congrats on the new album! #

Sony Electronics USA
@ SonyElectronics
Reminder! Chance 2 win these.Fill in:The #
SonyCES gadget I want to play with the most is___”

Sony UK
@ SonyUK
Life SpaceUX: Tabletop screen – a projector that turns tables into touch-screen surfaces #
SonyCES #

Sony Electronics USA
@ SonyElectronics
CES2015: Sony’s New SLIM 4KTV – Only .2 inches (FIRST LOOK) #

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Hello from #
SonyCES! Learn more about the new super thin, super sleek 4K Ultra HDTVs #

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Learn more about the products just announced at #

@ Sony
Tune in & watch us announce our newest gear at #
CES2015. Streaming live in 5 minutes. #

Sony Electronics USA
@ SonyElectronics
T minus 3 Hours until the #
SonyCES Press Conference. Streamed live here:

Sony Electronics USA
@ SonyElectronics
Welcome to the New World #

Sony Electronics USA
@ SonyElectronics
What happens in Vegas… #
SonyCES #

Ian Padgham
@ origiful
At the airport with all my gear… #
CES2015 here I come! #

Kyle Shultz
@ kyleshultz
I hope Santa brings me the Sony A7II: @

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Still time to tune in. RT @
PlayStation: The show is about to begin! #

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Need help finding the right gift for the holidays? Give us a ring and weve got you covered: 877-865-7669.

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Another hour, another #
deal. Make sure to browse our hourly catalog for full details:

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
bretedgephoto congrats! Cant wait to see some photos from your new #
SonyAlpha gear.

Bret Edge
@ bretedgephoto
Its true. There is a @
SonyStore a7R and full complement of lenses headed my way soon. So excited to get some hands-on time with them.

Sony Store USA
@ SonyStore
Hello #
CyberMonday shoppers. Weve got flash #
sales for you all day long:

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