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Colds, sinus infections and allergies are very common this time of the year. Stay warm, stay hydrated and keep active. Having regular Chiropractic adjustments can boost the immune system and keep all these problems away!!

With warmer temperatures comes the urge to wear shorts and t-shirts. Stay warm and keep your immune system functioning well.

Be careful of snow and ice. Allot of falls from icy sidewalks and driveways have been coming in lately. If you do happen to fall, apply ice immediately and call for an appointment.

With ice and snow comes car accidents. Even a minor car accident can become a problem for your spine and muscles. When in doubt call and find out if we can speed recovery and prevent a long term problem. 715-736-2120

Be safe, be warm and remember to bundle up. Winter is here and the cold weather can affect your immune system. Vitamin C can do wonders with colds and overall boosting the immune response!

Ice, snow, and cold temperatures are a recipe for disaster. Cold muscles can pull joints out of place while moving snow, ice can cause trauma and injury to the spine and muscles. Getting warmed up before doing activities outside will help your muscles stay loose and limber. Be careful and if you need Chiropractic help call me .

What a fantastic summer. I’ve been seeing more and more people using their bicycles. What a great way to exercise, have fun and lubricate their joints.

Be very careful while walking outside. As snow melts and refreezes at night, there can be large spots of slippery ice. Allot of falls coming in right now with serious injuries. Be careful and try to use cleats or put salt on icy spots. Best of luck and call me if you need me.

Thanksgiving day can be a wonderful day with friends and family and allot of rich food. Taking a walk after eatting will help digestion and aid in lowering the effects of tryptophan from turkey (which makes you very, very sleepy). Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

With the weather changing this week and temperatures dropping. Remember it is better to over dress then underdress. Stay warm and avoid an immune system drop. Vitamin C is a great supplement to take this time of year to boost immune system reaction time which means avoidance of colds and flus.

The leaves are turning and the northwoods is becoming alive with fall events. Preparing for winter can be fun and stressful to ones spine and joints. Take your time, pace yourself and remember doing several little things is better then doing one thing for a long time. Your joints and muscles will thank you.

With summertime heat upon us, be careful to drink plenty of water. High humidity levels can cause sweat to not evaporate, which leads to the body overheating from the inside. Be careful, limit your activity to short periods of outside time when the thermometer spikes!!

While attending a nutrition seminar today, I heard a quote from the good doctor. “The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead.” That means stay away from white bread. The recommendation was you eat no more than 1 slice of wheat bread per day. How many slices do you eat?

The effects of stress on the body are very obvious. Tight muscles!! Muscles can pull out vertebrae leading to more severe problems such as headaches, back pain, and a host of spinal related conditions. Chiropractic can help reduce the damage caused by stress. Regular adjustments can keep the spine in line until the cause of the stress is identified and reduced.

I’ve discovered the truth behind why moderation is the key to a healthy life. Everything done in moderation is a good thing. When you go to extremes, your body will pay the price later on. If you want to push yourself, star, t slowly and work your way up to your extreme over a few weeks. Pay attention to your body, it will tell you if that plan is not in moderation!

Many people have been coming in with sinus drainage and infections the past couple weeks. Ear infections are becoming more common this time of year. Without adequate movement in the neck, the ear canals cannot drain properly. Leading to ear infections. Because kids eustachian tubes run very horizontally, this makes them much more likely to have inner ear problems. Get adjusted and watch the inner ear problems disappear!!

Colder temperatures have arrived today. Dress appropriately. The body has a difficult time compensating for temperature changes over 20 degrees. So pull the jacket out on colder days like today. Remember, it’s better to be a little warm then a little cold!!

When raking and participating in spring time activities, try to pace yourself. Your muscles and joints aren’t use to the activity after a long winter.

It’s time to get out and enjoy these warm temperatures and get the full benefits of exposure to sun light.

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