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(414) 489-0846


140 W Holt Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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This one of the bad ones everytime I get my coffee its wrong ,watered down or pooped on with flat whip cream get it right Holt go back to training.
Come here quite a bit cuz its on my way to work.
There is one friendly girl an that’s the reason for 2 stars.
They are very slow compared to other Starbucks.
I waited one time in the drive thru for 20 minutes cuz the guy ahead of me was friends with a worker.
I was 10 minutes late for work.
Their service speed seems below average (especially compared to the one on KK & Oklahoma). Never a bad cup. Service Is Slow, Drinks Are All Weak And Watered Down. They Forgot My Drink.
Employess Just Stand Around Doing Nothing.
But It’s A Good Study Spot. Service is friendly but can be very slow.
140 W Holt Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207.
(414) 489-0846

Also Known As

Starbuck Coffee Company, Starbucks Corporation

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