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5658 Washington Ave Unit 3,
Mount Pleasant, WI 53406

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This review is hidden. View reviewWould be an ok place if it wasn’t for a snooty little girl giving me attitude when i had no idea that a grande is a frig. gin medium coffee . She screamed out something.and also so fast in her little yuppy voice that nobody understood except for the word grande. i said.i ordered a medium and holy hell broke lose. with a bitchy attitude snapping at me . A GRANDE IS A MEDIUM! Even the other girl working behind the counter looked at her. i asked the snappy smart ass .whats your problem ? Bad service ! And how bout a bit of coffee with the cup of foam!

I really like the people here, have to give a shout out to Jessie who made me feel like everything would be OK. Thanks.

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When i went in this morning the drive up was very long so i went inside i ordered an iced coffee sweet with cream 2 other people came in ordered and received their coffee before i was given my order and the line outside was completely gone too i had to repeat my order to the person behind the counter 2 times what poor service i will not go back to this place again. Order is always correct. Too long of waits at this store. Need to speed things up. Staff seem real nice. Batistas were average and coffee was good.
Go Feng Shui or toss a couple of tables.

(262) 632-6623

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