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Thank you to everyone who has “liked” our page since its inception less than one year ago. We have received very good feedback from our viewers and we would like to say thank you for helping us reach 1,000 likes. Stayed turned for more important and noteworthy news and information that we think is vital to share with you all. We look forward to being able to increase our viewership, which is one of the best ways to get reliable information out to a large number of people in a very short amount of time. Have a tremendous afternoon!

There have been multiple windows broken out of the ticket booths located outside of the football field in Chapman Park. We are looking for any information regarding the individual(s) responsible for the criminal damage. Please call the police department or message us with any information, we would appreciate it greatly.

This camera-shy hairy hound was found wondering around in the 900 block of North Broadway Street today around 5:15 pm. Please contact Wag N’ Tails @ 715-644-4800 during business hours to claim this friendly canine.

As police officers, we often get asked if it is illegal to spank your children. This is a very sensitive topic for many and there are varying thoughts and opinions depending on who you ask. Before we get into the answer to this question, please understand the following response sheds light on only the legality of the act of spanking, not the appropriateness. Generally speaking, causing bodily harm to a child is a felony (WI State Statute 948.03; Physical Abuse of a Chil. d.) “Bodily harm” is defined as physical pain or injury, illness, or any impairment of physical condition” (939.22(4)) This is a felony under the law, and the punishments only go up, depending on the severity of the injury. However, under 939.45(5), it states that a person’s actions are “privileged” (meaning although otherwise criminal, is a defense to prosecution for any crime based on that conduct) when the actor’s conduct is REASONABLE DISCIPLINE of a child by a person responsible for the child’s welfare. Reasonable discipline may involve only such force as a reasonable person believes is necessary. It is never reasonable discipline to use force which is intended to cause great bodily harm or death or creates an unreasonable risk of great bodily harm or death. “Person responsible for the child’s welfare” includes the child’s parent, stepparent or guardian; an employee of a public or private residential home, institution or agency in which the child resides or is confined or that provides services to the child; or any other person legally responsible for the child’s welfare in a residential setting. To overcome the privilege of parental discipline, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that only one of the following is not met: 1) the use of force must be reasonably necessary; 2) the amount and nature of the force used must be reasonable; and 3) the force used must not be known to cause, or create a substantial risk of, great bodily harm or death. Whether a reasonable person would have believed the amount of force used was necessary and not excessive must be determined from the standpoint of the parent at the time of the parent’s acts. The standard is what a person of ordinary intelligence and prudence would have believed in the parent’s position under the circumstances that existed at the time of the alleged offense. Clear as mud. So, the short answer is, yes, a parent may reasonably spank a child – even in public. Again, we strongly encourage alternative means of discipline a child. We hope that this answered your questions regarding the long-standing debate. Have a wonderful day!

Under 2015 Wisconsin Act 55, changes have been implemented as it relates to deer that are struck and killed by motorists on Wisconsin roadways. Wisconsin state budget contains several provisions related to car/deer kill procedures that will significant decrease law enforcement’s role in deer carcass tagging. Wis. Stat. s. 29.349 now allows for possession and removal of a deer carcass from the scene of an accident once an individual notifies DNR by calling 608-267-7691 and p. rovides their name, address, and the carcass location. This notification must be completed BEFORE taking possession or removing the carcass from the scene. Car/deer kills are no longer required to be tagged by a law enforcement officer. With that being the case, some things will not change: 1. Car-kill bear and turkey must still be tagged by a law enforcement officer. 2. The operator of a motor vehicle that collides with and kills a bear, deer, or wild turkey has the first opportunity to take possession of the carcass (in compliance with the notification requirements [deer] or tagging requirements [bear/turkey] above). If the “striking operator” does not want to take the carcass, any other person who is present at the scene of the accident, or any other person who arrives at the scene after the collision has occurred, may take possession of the carcass (in compliance with the notification requirements [deer] or tagging requirements [bear/turkey] above). Please remember, for reporting accidents with the aforementioned animals, contact the local law enforcement agency where the collision occurred. Safe travels everyone!

Chapman Park will be the place to be today for the 41st annual Watermelon Fest, sponsored by the wonderful volunteers of the Stanley Lions Club. The park will be buzzing throughout the day with a craft show and flea market, car show, 5K run/walk, bingo, charcoal chicken dinner, games for the kids and raffle. FREE WATERMELON will be served star, ting at 11am until its gone. Please consider coming out to support this tremendously unique event right here in Stanley and thank the Lions Club members for their ongoing support and service to our community!

In case you needed a laugh on this scorcher of a Saturday, I assure you this will do the trick!

Thank you to all the American Red Cross volunteers out there that do such great work. We are lucky to have one of the hardest-working and most dedicated ones right here in town. Thank you Mr. Jeff Ryba for your service!

Thank you to everyone who provided information leading to the safe and successful apprehension of Farold R. Nelson, who fled on foot during an attempted traffic stop earlier today. Nelson was taken into custody without further incident at a residence in the city for a felony parole violation.

A key and key fob were found in the Chapman Park pavilion and can be claimed at the police department upon proper identification.

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