St Sebastian Church


(906) 667-0952


212 E Iron St,
Bessemer, MI 49911

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SPEEDBOY/SPEEDGRILS pancake breakfast. 730 am to 1130 am.

At the dance and mark is losing it. We were dancing to Don’t Take the Girl and he star, ted doing the movements like it was his girl.

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Andrew Kosbab
@ dougfancy101290
Milwaukee, WI
Friday Fish Fry! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Θςεο ιε Ιηζαηε
@ AureaulisParris
Milwaukee, WI
Just posted a photo @ St. Sebastian Church

Θςεο ιε Ιηζαηε
@ AureaulisParris
Milwaukee, WI
At my performance and gonna start in a little @ St. Sebastian Church

Paul Burclaff
@ Paul_Burc
Milwaukee, WI
Congratulations Erin and Bobby! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Nicole Jackson
@ co984life
Milwaukee, WI
Im at St. Sebastian Church (Milwaukee, WI)

tracy apps
@ tapps
Milwaukee, WI
gospel fest! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Tim Braun
@ timbraun19
Milwaukee, WI
Wedding Day for K Harv and Sarah Harv! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

@ billfinn
Milwaukee, WI
First communion rehearsal! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Martin Drive
@ MartinDrive
Fish fry the first Friday of the month. Definitely one of the best in Milwaukee. (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Mike Carney
@ mike_carney
Baptism! (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Scott Hoffland
@ sahoffland
The 8th Grade Basketball Season has begun (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Martin Drive
@ MartinDrive
said good bye to a great neighbor. We have the same favorite color. (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Aura Mora Gheller
@ aurasells
Biancas winter concert (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Martin Drive
@ MartinDrive
Fish Fry two seats down from the mayor. (@ St. Sebastian Church)

Also Known As

Saint Sebastian Church

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