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Brewery tour w/ craft beer & gourmet soda sampling; Gift Shop; Events. Fun for all ages. Largest selection of award-winning Sprecher beers and sodas; you’ll also find pizzas, artisanal cheeses, clothing, glassware and growlers in our Gift Shop. Let us help you create a memorable event – wedding, reunion, business meeting…in our indoor beer garden. Milwaukee’s 1st craft brewery since Prohibition, we’re dedicated to serving you with good taste. Cheers!


Established in 1985.

Sprecher Brewing Company was established in 1985 by Randal Sprecher, making it the first brewery in Milwaukee since Prohibition. After leaving his job as a brewing supervisor at Pabst, Randy decided to stay in Milwaukee and pursue his dream of founding a craft brewery. In 1994, Sprecher outgrew its location in Milwaukee’s 5th Ward and moved to to a former elevator cab company in nearby Glendale, WI.

Sprecher Brewery produces 20+ different styles of beer, 10+ gourmet sodas and two malternatives — Hard Root Beer and Hard Ginger Beer. Come taste why Sprecher continues to win national and international beer awards, including 2004 Great American Beer Festival Small Brewery of the Year, and World Beer Cup Gold medals.Sprecher Root Beer was voted the best tasting root beer by The New York Times (6/25/08) and Imbibe Magazine (3/08).

About Owner

Randy S.

Business Owner

After leaving his job as Brewing Supervisor at Pabst, in 1985 Randy Sprecher created the first brewery in Milwaukee since Prohibition, Sprecher Brewing Company. Largely influenced by his love of German beers, Sprecher’s first beers were mostly German-style lagers: Winter Brew, Oktoberfest, Black Bavarian. Over the years the beer styles expanded, including English, Irish, American and Belgian styles, and Shakparo, a gluten-free African style beer. Sprecher beers have won numerous national and international awards; Sprecher remains a leader in the craft beer industry.

Early in the brewery’s history, so many fans brought their children that Randy (a consummate homebrewer and innovator) created Sprecher Root Beer for his NA consumers in 1988. Currently Sprecher brews 20+ styles of beer and 10+ sodas, a combination of year round, seasonal award-winners and new flavors. Stop in for a tour and tasting.

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Need a nice giftie for your hunny bunny? Get it at our Gift Shop, and take a tour while you”re here.
Fine deals on beer o” the month in our Gift Shop, begorrah. And we”ve got a pizza to go with. Slainte!
Sprecher Brewery, Glendale, WI. 20,003 likes · 21,515 were here. Established in 1985, Sprecher is Milwaukee’s Original Microbrewery. We brew over 20…

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Cool job. Work at Sprecher Brewing Company, we make great beers and gourmet sodas. Glendale, Wisconsin
Plotting my next road trip. Thanks @Thrillist https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/the-best-beer-countries-in-the-world …
The ‘zip’ in ‘zip code’ stands for ‘zone improvement plan’
A @VGInitiative fund-raiser for community orchards is Saturday, with food, drinks, auction. https://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/294212631.html … pic.twitter.com/cFoL7olNHn

  1. default gravatar

    Angie R.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 4.0 of 5.0 stars

    Went on the tour with the family. It was way shorter than I thought it would be compared to other local brewery tours.The four beer samples were delicious. Really interesting options that I wouldn’t have bought at the store otherwise. The kids loved the soda. You also get souvenir glasses (and cups for the kids).

    Once you’ve done it, there’s really no reason to go back again unless you have out-of-town guests and are looking for something very Milwaukee to do.

  2. travis s reviewer

    Travis S.

    Pewaukee, WI

    Rate 4.0 of 5.0 stars

    I disagree that Sprecher has “more beer”. All we got were three coupons to fill our 6-ounce glasses with. I took my friend from Japan, she loved it.

    The gift shop sells beer at the same price you can get at a grocer, so I dont know what the “deal” was with that. Lots of little trinkets, even a stuffed Griffon mascot! The beer garden is kinda cool, and I think they rent it for parties and events.

    The tour is great, you get to see the two big converted milk kettles they still use, and they pass around some hops for you to smell. Nice history of the company is given, although theres more to it than what he says. The guy is a little cheap (cant have a profitable business in this tax hell of a Doyle state if you aren’t!)

    People in other states that can get the soda (41?) but not the beer (11?) say “What? They make BEER?”.

    Dont worry about the honey being a sweetener if you’re a vegan; theres so little honey in it, and theres no cholesterol so I dont know what you think you’re eating thats animal. The other products use cane sugar, NOT CORN SYRUP. Lighten up & stop eating all the animals food.

    Love the tour, but I’ve heard Lakeside is better & you can drink as much as you want (AND they have a fish fry!)

  3. richard h reviewer

    Richard H.

    San Jose, CA

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Best brewery tour I’ve ever been on. They have a great selection of beers, and if you take it during the off hours the guides are very friendly and love to talk about the craft while you walk around or drink. I can’t wait to go back.

  4. default gravatar

    Sue G.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    We had family in town for a wedding recently and went on the Sprecher Brewery tour.
    As my friends know this is my favorite beer and by the end of the tour it was everyone’s favorite!!! Tour is “almost” hands on because you are in the brewery next to were the beer is born!!

  5. sara b reviewer

    Sara B.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Love this place. For serious.

    Like most brewery tours, they ask you what’s in beer but somehow you feel like you passed the writing section of the GRE. It really is great, the way they can inform people who are new to the tour while humoring those who know brewing basics. I felt confirmed in my belief that drinking a new six pack every week is a Worthy Academic Practice.

    On the tour, they go beyond a normal script and include some great trivial tidbits that you feel special for knowing. The first time I went in 2008, they had just finished brewing root beer in bourbon barrels– that they couldn’t sell because it had an unmeasured alcohol content. Called XXX, they sold it in growlers right there at the brewery.

    And, since I’m sure you’re wondering: Yes. It was AWESOME.

    If you’re anything like me, you may or may not hate kids on any given day. Though they might attend in groups, the benevolent staff give them coloring contests during the beer tastings. Which is good, because even though you only get like seven samples they’re all high percentage beers.

    Protip: wait for some of the families to get up to leave, practice your straightest, swear-word-free speech, and nonchalantly ask then if they have tickets left. Chances are someone does, and as long as you don’t offend anyone, You Drunk Jerk, you may actually get them, You Free-Spirited Young Person.

    Beers to look out for: IPA-Squared, Maibock, Abbey Triple, Imperial Russian Stout, Piper’s Scotch Ale.

    PS: Once you get a good buzz, they let you out through the gift shop to buy T-shirts and soda and more beer. Greatest Marketing Ever. Bring Money

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