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Comparison between Clear Essix Retainers and Essix Plus Retainers. Essix plus are crystal clear and virtually invisible when worn.
This is a new favorite product for cleaning your mouhthguard, retainers, night guards, or whitening trays. It can be found at most drug stores for under 5$
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Sporting Smiles, Brookfield, WI. 605 likes · 2 talking about this · 5 were here. Online Dental Specializing in custom designed mouth guards, Teeth…

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Sporting Smiles – Custom Made Dental Mouth guards, Teeth Grinding Guards, Clear Essix Retainers, and whitening trays. Walk-in Denture and Partial Repair.
Great company! I used them to create a dentist-grade replacement night guard. They are quick to respond to questions, and the design/fitting process is easy and accurate.

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Sports Dentistry Specialist. Dublin
Nice one @paddyb_ireland well done. Another one bites the dust #2ToGo #Road2Rio @WSB_Boxing
#DidYouKnow chewing sugar-free gum can help remove 95% of residual food debris?  (free) #BDJTeam
Well done @Steven_Donnelly @WSB_Boxing 1step closer #RoadToRio

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    Nick S.

    Gaithersburg, MD

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I have now ordered 2 night guards from them. В The people there were very helpful when I did not make the impression correctly the first time. В My night guard really works, and I do not notice it when I am sleeping. В And the price is excellent for the product.

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    Kim R.

    Bellbrook, OH

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    I ordered an essix retainer from Sporting Smiles. It’s a perfect fit and is very professional! I could not have received anything better anywhere else (I am sure I would have paid 5-6 times as much having it done locally)–I was amazed! I appreciate how fast it came as well! Great work! I would highly recommend your office!

    Everything was super easy — instructions were fool-proof at making the impression – once I sent the impression back, I received my retainer very quickly and I am so happy I chose Sporting Smiles.

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    Tim F.

    Boulder, CO

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    This is the first online review that I’ve ever written. I would be a fool to remain silent about the positive experience that I’ve had with Sporting Smiles. I did extensive review of all night guard / splint producers and providers. Sporting Smiles had some of the best reviews I read but the reviews haven’t come close to how impressive they’ve been through my personal experiences with them.

    I was apprehensive about making my own dental impressions since I knew nothing about that process. Sport Smiles had such a solid tutorial and an easy video that made the entire experience easy.

    When I received my night guard, it felt a little tight. I called Sporting Smiles customer service and they offered some excellent solutions. I am ELATED with my product, my customer service experience, and Sporting Smiles as a company. Two of my friends have already ordered from them.

  4. kennedy w reviewer

    Kennedy W.

    Schenectady, NY

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    The office is clean and well equipped and actually has a great view of West Hollywood and Hollywood. As for the actual service, Dr. Mcharty В and her staff were gentle and took their time to do things right. I’m not really afraid of the dentist but this was definitely one of the most enjoyable visits and I did not experience any discomfort or pain during my time there.

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    Hicksz C.

    Schenectady, NY

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    Today there are different sorts of products are available in the market to maximize the quality of products mouth guards are made according to the needs of the people.

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    Mike s.

    Brookfield, WI

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    I normally don’t write reviews. I ordered the hard flexible night guard from them. My dentist wanted 350$ for a new guard and was sick of paying to much. SportingSmiles guard was better than the ones I was betting from my dentist and a fraction of the price.

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    Evan M.

    Brookfield, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    SportingSmiles made custom mouthguard for our whole field hockey team. Were the only team out there with matching mouthguard.

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