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Now that I’m thinking about it. I hope I closed my sun roof.

Omg! I was on time today.

Back to reality. Everyone seems so white.

Gotta love the people you work with.

Ummmm. .seriously. I was just yelled at and lectured about my excessive use of hand sanitizer at work.

It’s free cone or dish day at your local Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor. Seeing that we don’t have one here this will do for now.

On my lunch, Instead of eating.

Great combination for a 1am snack.

Sometimes I wish I could work with my shirt off its a million degrees at work today and I am dripping sweat already.

I refuse to sign anything without a lawyer presence

Printing for Halloween already. Only 264 days to go.

Working with my favorite Mexican tonight,

Great treat for this time in the morning. I even shared with Nate Worzalla. Thanks Tom Magiera for making them.

Oh My Gosh. This is one the best things I’ve eaten in awhile. Thank you Tom Magera for making it. I hope there’s more left?!?!

Excellent people and excellent product. The know what they are doing and are a true partner in your print success.

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