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1732 Hastings Ave,
Newport, MN 55055

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Mon – Fri. 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Sat. 7:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

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South Suburban Rental. 17 likes | 3 were here. Home Improvement.

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south suburban rental

Serving the Metro Area With the Finest in Rental Equipment. Homeowner, Contractor, Party Rental. Better service, better equipment, and better people are out there. I hope that people will read this before they rent from south suburban. I am moving, I had some small stuff to move so I rented a enclosed trailer.
Once they got me the trailer I rented, it was in good shape and fairly new, I thought that the trailer was ok so I’d rent a truck to move the big stuff. I reserved one of there 16′ trucks.
The 1st truck they brought out the rear tires were almost bald and had a slit in a tire as well. There last truck that was on there lot had good tires and was clean. Once I got going down the road I found out how they maintain their trucks, if you call it maintaining.
The a/c didn’t work and I could barely keep it between the white lines.
I looked under the truck and couldn’t see much of any grease on the steering linkage. Being a over the road truck driver, this truck would not pass a dot inspection. I also noticed a lot of sand at my feet which means they did not go thru the truck since its last use or uses.
I called their office the next day to let them know what shape the truck was in and to talk about a discounted rate. All I got from the owner was did you get the move done?. I did get the move completed but the truck was not up to par in my opinion. He wouldn’t work with me at all. This is evident from the tim(…)

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@ JustKateBlack
Newport, MN
This is looking to be the last time we use South Suburban Rental.

Paul Guy
@ theobstruction
South Suburban Rental
Im at South Suburban Rental http://4sq.com/K6tJmr

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South Suburban Rental, Inc

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