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9554 N Lake Dr,
Milwaukee, WI 53217

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Peace Family,. Bingo! Plan on sweatin’ during this Run/strength training and Hot Bikram Yoga!… ‪#‎LoveSaturdayFitness‬

Peace Family,. “I Got so much Trouble on my Mind, Refuse to Lose” -Chuck D… ~Enjoy

I’m sorry,. If I’m training you at the gym,. You’re gonna workout using the weights that’s at the Gym,. You want a trainer that trains you to jump around and do flips,. Then do Zumba,. But I’m puttin’ Yo’ A__ on some weights!!!

Peace Family,. It’ll sink in sooner or later,. ~Enjoy

Peace Family,. Mmmmmmm,. This is where I come ALIVE!!!!,. ‪#‎NoExcuses‬ ‪#‎NoQuitting‬ … ‪#‎NoDistractions‬ ~Enjoy

Peace Family,. If you Ain’t on some everyday ‘ish,. Sacrificing type ‘ish,. Then,. I’m just saying,.

Peace Family,. Oh yeah It’s A SERIOUS “STORM” outside this morning,. Pretty wicked!,. But the fitness continues!,.… ‪#‎NoExcuses‬!

Peace Family,. Stop Talkin’ “Bout” it And Be “Bout” It!!! ~Enjoy

Peace Family,. It’s all within you,. ~Enjoy

Peace Family,. The Grynd Continues,. ~Enjoy

Happy to have my part in crime back!! Tryin to break a sweat this morning!!.

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Not really worth the full price they charge when you’re only getting a third of the things offered at a regular Snap Fitness (it’s a smaller version of the gym). It’s also very untidy and unpresentable, they’re only staffed less than half the time and there’s not really a lot of assistance. If you live on the eastside of Milwaukee and are looking for a nearby gym I’d suggest Anytime or Planet Fitness.
They both offer great packages with the full amenities available. The only plus I’d give Snap Fitness is that it’s a locked gym. Other than that you’re better off somewhere else. Would not refund a month’s membership even though it had been cancelled and it was an internal error.

1815 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202.
(414) 276-7627

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